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Skeptics, this Way…

People talk, corporation employee’s talk, Yoga Journal employee’s talk, and I talk.  Very few people are listening, but they love to talk.

Just because Yoga Alliance promotes subduing emotions and accepting everything at the most topical face value doesn’t mean you have to.  Facts are facts, and there is no difference when propaganda is concerned… whether it comes from Yoga Alliance, Fox News, Yoga Journal, Republicans or the Democrats.

If it’s not actually numerical based data (like Tax Returns) – what are you really talking about?  That’s right, nothing.  You just have an opinion and opinions are many – everybody has one.  Stand with people who actually live life or you will follow the rest of the meditated herd as the meander around a discussion of the Gita. Take a Risk and search the meaning for yourself.  Or feel ok with your soft complacency.

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