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Mindful & Focused Marketing

Our Freelancing has custom plans and pricing to help drive innovation.

Yoganomics® empowers businesses to make great decisions through collaboration and remarkable people… our goal has always been to bridge the gap between a daily practice of mindful focus and the modern world.

Yoganomics® aims to provide the very best service available on a moment-by-moment basis, which is why we are flexible on our project scaling. Every situation is customizable because people don’t always want rigid options, they want convenience and results.

That’s why we devised a very simple program that helps people formulate a plan of action that can be implemented quickly.



Hosting through Yoganomics includes customer service, domain & email (cost varies), and technical support.


Complete Google Ads, Google Business Listing with total Integration on your website, and write articles, rich with Search Engine Optimized content.

Web Revamp

SEO Friendly / Search Engine Optimized Content, Rich Anchor Links, SEO, Safe & Correct Web Mapping, Secure Websites, Social Network Setup, Optional Monthly Support for $100/month, Hi-Resolution Images Included.


Advertising / Print Layout –  All materials prepared according to given specs: Brochures, Ads, Flyers, Business Cards, Vector Images, Logos etc…

Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising where we do the research, we install a Facebook Pixel, moniter it and make informed decisions on you behalf. We will tell you what works and what isn’t working and help you achieve new levels of profitablity.


Content writing and editing for site updates and additions, copywriting for advertisements and promotions, email campaigns, original written blog articles of various sizes, Social Media Posts across Multiple Platforms, SEO Relevant External Links, Ethical and Organic Seeding on Reliable Web Sources for SEO, and High Resolution Image(s).


Headshot Photography Original Website Photography, Onsite Location, Action Clips, Workspace Culture, Conferences, Live Classes, Yoga, Dance, Sports, Studio Work-Family, Weddings, Special Occasions, & Sequential Timelines.

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Yoganomics® creates mindfulness on the web by integrating content with enhanced perspective, detailed insight, and a clear focus.

We host websites, create original content articles for websites and/or blogs, edit (or fix) websites, do Search Engine Optimization, build spectacular websites, provide striking graphics, specializing in AdWords, Facebook, Google & Twitter, integrate social media into your business, improve your web presence and give your very detailed and specific results.
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