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Mindful Focused Marketing

Mindful Focused Marketing

Bring Balance to the Practice of Business

Yoganomics® helps many businesses achieve new heights of online visibility. We bring over 15 years combined consultative expertise to the area of pay per click management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, website optimization, in addition to a range of graphic design services. Coupling creative and analytical marketing talents with a thorough knowledge of online consumer behavior, we help clients connect and target markets that nourish businesses.



When you choose one the Yoganomics platforms, you automatically receive the best possible option for Secure WordPress Hosting.  You will have a free “HTTPS” website, which adheres to the latest Google HTTPS update to their webmaster guidelines.

SEO Content Writing

Think deeply about customers.  Consumers pay money for creative innovation. Consumers also avoid the mundane. Creativity, innovative marketing, and well written targeted copy are the best ways to reach your customer.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Results are driven by search engine optimization and an accurate online strategy will naturally engage and attract an organic and high-quality traffic ranking with Google, Facebook, and all the in-between places that measure a website’s traffic rank.


Marketing can strategically magnify your businesses presence, but data-driven marketing and accessibility will allow you to see a snapshot of how the business is performing in specific markets. Yoganomics gives you the tools, the data, and reports that’ll help you make smart, strategic decisions for years to come.

Brian Castellani

Founder, Designer, Yoga Teacher 

Brian can listen to the sequential histories of a business, compare it to checklist of data points and see the arrangement of puzzle pieces. There is a road map that becomes a living, breathing business formula as an optimal solution for anyone.

From 2005, Brian Castellani built the Online Directory for Yoga Journal Directory, handled thousands of Classifieds, had five rotating advertisements in the section of Living Well, and created the first pilot video podcast at Yoga Journal Magazine. As an Online Strategist, Brian has been able to create the necessary steps needed to grow an online presence. 

Having that experience allowed Brian to get to know studio owners and yoga teachers all over the world, placing him in a proper setting to start Yoganomics®, on November 4th, 2009,

Since then, he has been involved with marketing and website construction for many types of businesses: restaurants, local store owners, raw pet food co-ops, dieticians, farmers markets, tourism, travel and every other type of business imaginable.

He has been featured in Origin Magazine, and San Francisco’s Common Ground, written into the foreword’s of Yoga Bitch, by Suzanne Morrison and Finding Personal Peace, by Mrs. Melissa J. Chaney.

Yoganomics® drew international attention to the most crucial element happening in yoga today: yoga education.

Since the beginning of Yoganomics®, Brian has volunteered with ONE Campaign.

Sarah McLaughlin

Founder, Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing, Artist, Copywriter, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher

Sarah is passionate about realizing visions for multiple levels of public relations and marketing. She comes with a vast history of experience in working with high-end businesses from general management and marketing director roles. With over 12 years of experience in graphic design and advertising, she embodies the model of turning your goals and ideas into visual creations that speak directly to your target clients and demographics.

Sarah has a knack for listening to the essential elements with each client’s purpose and image, transforming that into an experience for viewers and potential business convergence. Her motto is “Ensure all the parts are working individually and together for the common good of the business and your goals.” Further more, there is an understanding that you have competitors and this is why we strive to provide customized services that will make your website and business stand out. With her working strategy of SEO analysis based on a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in web design, development and customized marketing, she exceeds expectations.

Sarah is also committed to following life’s flow and direction, whether in daily practice or inspiration through her many other roles including health coach, practitioner and Baptiste Yoga Teacher.

Heidi McGehee

Graphic Design, Photographer, Model, Videographer, Web Design, Logo Design

Heidi has been doing photography for clients for 10 years. She started out with senior portraits, capturing quality images for family portraits, events, weddings, and experience with engagement, baby, and maternity photography.

Heidi loves shooting editorial style portraits and artistic images from urban landscapes and nature. For Heidi, photography is an authentic passion that has taken root since childhood. She has shot for multiple school portrait companies and currently shoot portraits for featured patients for Garcia Facial Plastic Surgery.

Heidi also is proficient in graphic design. She graduated with an Associate’s degree in graphic design in 2011. Since then I have done work for clients, mostly in the form of creating logos.  Heidi uses her graphic design skills by working for various print companies and specifically marketing Dr. Phillip Garcia: producing presentations, signs, fliers, invitations, graphics for web advertising, eblasts and newsletters.

The various graphic design work for these marketing materials has culminated into awareness of online marketing, print marketing and now Yoganomics®. She has experience creating graphics, writing content and scheduling out multiple posts for various social medias.

We Are The Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Media

“Mindfulness is the awareness that arises by paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn


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