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Healthcare is Holistic

OneMama empowers women, families, and communities to be successful through sustainable health, education, and economics.

Siobhan Neilland is a woman who took a great concept of altruistic giving and multiplied it exponentially. With a lot of hard work and dedication, hundreds of trips to #Uganda,Africa, she planted the seed for healthcare for the indigenous culture of mothers, children and families.

Siobhan is an amazing woman who never gave up her dream to be useful, today she is actively focused on providing Midwife and healthy environments, where women in labor can get the support of midwives, have healthy children, flourish in their community and have the safety to grow together.

Inspired by a Ugandan midwife, Mama Jamira, Siobhan found her calling helping people in desperate conditions empower themselves to create change. As she worked to help Mama Jamira‘s community, her vision blossomed into creating an organization that encompassed no limits, servicing impoverished communities worldwide. As a successful entrepreneur, Siobhan has taken her keen business sense and transmuted OneMama into a model that will create self- sustainability in each community it supports.

These are a few of www.OneMama.org tenants:

xo: Midwives and mothers share a special bond throughout the birth process.
xo: One midwife often cares for every mother and infant in a given community.
xo: Trust unites midwives and mothers for generations.
xo: Health care is holistic and often inexpensive or even free under a midwife’s care.
xo: Ease and accessibility play big roles for traditional midwives, who are often closer to women than a government hospital.
xo: Remedies from a midwife ensure relief for mothers in pain, while government hospitals do not always have Western medicine or herbs for pain or infection.

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