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Ray Crist

As a Yoga Teacher, Ray Crist identifies with losing children to mass shootings. 

I decided to teach at the Newtown Yoga Festival as a gesture of support to all the parents who lost a beloved child.

As a father, I know the love I have for my child and I can only imagine the pain of their loss. My heart goes out to all of them. May they find healing and peace.

Jai Ganesh

Ray Crist
The Jaguar Path
Yoga and Shamanism

Losing Children to Mass Shootings

The Jaguar Path is a training in yoga and shamanism. My dharma is to share the essence of yoga as a practice of opening the heart and shamanism as a way to claim our destiny lines.
Jaguar Path yoga is a vinyasa flow based practice with focus on the meridians and the energy body. Our shamanic work is based on the Q’ero and the currandero lineages of Peru.

The Newtown Yoga Festival will be happening on Saturday, August 27th, 2016.

Newtown Yoga Festival’s  Mission is Love

We believe that yoga, mindfulness, and music are tools for raising the vibration of love in our body, breathand brain as well as our community and in the world.

The Newtown Yoga Festival was formed as a holistic solution for anyone and everyone through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga.  It is our way to honor lives lost, celebrate the strength and resilience of human-kind and offer healing with a compassionate practice and conversation on peace.

The festival has been designed to promote positive well-being, health and community.  Yoga, by promoting movement and mindfulness, has been proven effective in reducing stress and depression and is a valuable mechanism for coping with physical and emotional trauma.  The Newtown Yoga Festival honors this ideal.

Please join us for a heart-opening, vibration-raising experience that will revive your spirit, enrich your practice and activate the power of love in your life.