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YogaDork: A Tweet of February 2010

(From FEB 2010) By Jennilyn Carson AKA YogaDork

Listen…do you hear that? Could it be the tugging of yogadork heart strings? Cheers from the masses celebrating the Chinese New Year? Oh my, have we already sailed through the first months of a new decade, past February lovefest and onto the year of the Tiger? It’s true, 2010 has swept us from a sleepy child’s pose straight into a high flying adho mukha vrksasana with feet dangling high above our heads. Busy times! And if the global stirrings and buzzing of the interwebs are any indication, there will be no slowing down for a year full of high-energy and mondo transitory shifts. A lot’s happened already so far…

The beginning of February saw the Republic of Haiti rocked by a massive earthquake and a subsequent outpouring of compassion and support from all over the world, including the global yoga community which rallied to gather funds. While yoga mat donations collected by JADEyoga and others received both praise and raised eyebrows from mass media folk, Yoga4Trauma, a cooperative born from kindhearted yogactivists Sue Jones @yogahopesue and Maggie Bean @premapadma, was swift to organize efforts to assist in the not-so-tangible affects of crisis. (to find out more go to Project Haiti and yoga4trauma.org).

Continuing in a month that’s short on days, but not on gusto, we were all propositioned by fellow #yogadork Sarah Kohl (@SarahKohl) to a 28in28 yoga-every-day challenge. It is so on! And if you thought Super Bowl commercials were entertaining (or not – this year was kinda lame, no?) surely you should not miss Yoga’s Best Moments in TV Commercials for a good giggle or a scowl. Or maybe share some peace of mind with your fellow yogis in effing savasana? (fun videos, promise)

As for the rest of the inter-yoga-sphere, we’ve seen the web launch of new Yoga Artist Management Agency (YAMA) with its impressive roster of “talent” and an equal helping of celebriyogi controversy. Meanwhile, the battle ensues in the NY State vs Yoga Studios licensing debate with cries for lobbying to keep yoga exempt from government regulation. The Winter Olympics kicked off in Vancouver, coincidentally, as the torch was passed on to the freshly crowned “winners” of (Bikram’s) World Asana Championships in LA. Congrats!! Will they make it to the 2012 Summer Games? We’re getting sweaty palms just thinking about it.

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