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Yoga Teacher Naomi Judith

Yoga Teacher Naomi Judith has dedicated her life to teaching women how to better organize their time to create balance in their own lives. She empowers women to feel safe and comfortable just the way they are.

Gentle Yoga with Naomi®

My mission is to inspire health and wellness by educating and supporting individuals to love, nurture and value themselves…

I want to teach people how to take time out and create balance in their lives, to empower women in feeling safe and comfortable just the way they are.

– Naomi Judith

  • Yoga Teacher
  • Weight Management Specialist
  • Stress Reduction Expert

Naomi Judith is an acclaimed yoga expert, stress management specialist, and nationally known professional speaker who educates people on: relaxation, healthy breathing, rejuvenating body stretches, weight management awareness, and how to achieve stress reduction.

Naomi Judith’s simple, slowly-paced practice makes the exercises doable for anyone, and the video also addresses key issues of stress and weight management.

Naomi Judith
Gentle Yoga with Naomi