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@YogaAlliance’s $180.670.00 Six Degrees of Karma Gonna Get #YA

Infotek Naval Military Contractor bought by Yoga Alliance USA John Matthews, Lynn Bushnell

Six Degrees of Karma Gonna Get #YA

Yoga Alliance $180,670.00 Defense Contract Website

I Wonder What The Actual Cost of Yoga Alliance’s Website was in 2010?  

Answer: $180,670.00  

The Missile Defense “Mindbody Yoga Alliance Connection 

August 13, 2012

Rarely are stories this convoluted with layer upon layer of information that reveals more about the unraveling information… but, as some of you know – in the fiscal year of 2009, Yoga Alliance tax records show that they paid $336,325.00 for alleged website work from two questionable – website companies.  This was particularly important because New York yoga and Virginia yoga (Yoga Alliance’s home state) were going through local state taxation issues of “yoga teacher training taxation as “Vocational” programs.

Yoga Teachers would have been required to report their income to show that teachers make as much as – say – another vocational training job –  like for instance, an automobile mechanic, a plumber, or an electrician.  – Yes – kinda crazy… I know, but that’s not even the half of it. Read on.

Under the suggestion of Yoga Alliance long standing board members Lynn Bushnell, Gyandev McCord, Virginia S. Cowen, Teresa Kay-Aba Kennedy, Joanne L. Perron, and Arun Tilak – along with the meditating YA ex-president John Mathews,  Yoga Alliance decided to allocate $180.670.00 to a United States Military Missile guidance business from Maryland to get their new “trade association” website: YAPlus.org worked on.  Or… What it to 

Peace loving yogis from apparently (or allegedly) all over the world, have joined the Yoga Alliance (YAPlus) yoga trade organization and inadvertently supported a defense contractor who builds missile systems for the United States Government.

If you don’t believe me, verify the information for yourself right here: 


I am sure that Yoga Alliance is once again going to claim that “they didn’t know that the $180.670.00 that was spent on the trade organization website was:

  • just too high a price for “just” a website
  • or it was really going for an alternative reason or motive that has previously not been talked about publicly (like blog farming and/or electronic manipulation)
  • Actually sounds like a completely in accurate price and there must be more to the story 

Practice with your eyes open and ask yourself: 

Is Intention what Important?