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A Disturbance at the Hanuman Yoga Festival!

It seriously sounds like a cross between David Lynch and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Just how do people fit in Porta-Pottys anyways?  How did he crawl inside?
When did he have time to get under a tarp? How is it that Boulder Police can’t find a grown fecal covered Boulder bum known as “Sky,” ?

To go through an ordeal like that must  unnerving.

पवन तनय ब्ल पवन समाना
बुद्धि विवेक विज्ञान निधाना |
कवन् सो काज कठिन जग माही
जो नहि होय तात तुम्ह पाहीं ||

 Here’s what others say:

Ewww! Man Caught Hiding In Waste Tank Under Porta-Potty!

“All jokes aside, this is actually incredibly disturbing and disgusting! During the Hanuman Yoga Festival in Boulder, Colorado, a woman went to use a portable toilet and found a man hiding in the waste tank below! YUCK!”  -PH

NY Daily News:

The guard waited outside until a lanky white man with no shoes or shirt came out, covered in poop. The suspect made a run for it and got away, cops said. Witnesses said the man was between 6-feet-4 and 6-feet-8 with short dark hair and leather cuffs on both wrists. He fits the description of a well-known Boulder bum known as “Sky,” cops said.