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Vermont Needs You – Clothespins Consignment. Our home state of Vermont was deeply affected by the destruction of Hurricane Irene.

I am Vermont Strong! | Vermont Needs You - Clothespins Consignment

Hello Family, Friends, Colleagues!

Our home state of Vermont was deeply affected by the destruction of Hurricane Irene.
Thankfully, our home was safe, however other areas of Southern Vermont
were destroyed and many families in our community and the Deerfield Valley
have lost literally everything.

Along with my new business partner, Jennifer Tallini, we at Clothespins are directing
much of our energy in efforts of getting local families back on their feet through
helping distribute clothing donations and sales. Together, Jennifer and I have planned
raffles and special sales all month and are continuing indefinitely.
100% of the proceeds of these sales/raffles have been given directly to the Deerfield Valley families.
The need will go on as they face getting new mattresses, wood for heat
this winter, appliances, baby clothes, winter clothing etc.

Help Vermont Yoga with Yoganomics®

We are reaching out to all friends, family, customers, consignors,
and friends of friends to see if they wish to help us.
Some ideas and how this works:

1) Clean out your closets, your kids clothes, last years designer labels
that you’d like to pass on, and we sell it for you in the store AND online!
– You can donate your earnings to the relief fund (Fund is maintained by
the Twice Blessed Community Thrift Shop in Wilmington, VT).
– If you do not wish to donate to the fund, you can of course, keep your
– All new consigners receive at 40/60 split (60% goes to you or the Fund).
– Clothespins determines the resale value of each item based on market
demand (a Gucci bag is going to earn more return than a pair of pants
from Target for example 🙂
– You will receive an itemized excel spreadsheet of all items we consign
and any items we feel are in not sellable condition will be returned if
you wish.
– Earnings on consignments are sent out once a month to consigners – if
you are donating your earnings to the relief fund, we will email you a
revised spreadsheet showing you what items sold and how much went to the
relief fund.

2) Maybe there is one special item you own (an old designer handbag or
some costume jewelry or special shoes) you’d like to donate that we will
raffle off – 100% of raffle sales go to the same fund. We will tweet and
promote your brand like crazy! (We raffled off a brand new Men’s Marker Ski
jacket last weekend!)

3) If you own a business, you can donate overstock, seconds,
or irregulars to Clothespins for resale – the sales will go to
Twice Blessed’s Fund for Flood Victims – email us back for details to get it here.

4) Vermont Handmade/Artisan Items! The split on these items will be 70/30,
with 70% going to you or the fund.

All items can be arranged for pick up in the Southern Vermont, New York/Long Island area –
you may also ship your items to us via USPS Flat Rate boxes and we will
reimburse you for 1/2 the shipping cost for each box received on your
first consignment earnings.

So far we have contributed over $300 to the fund and growing. We are also
building www.clothespinsonline.com as we speak to post great new items as
they arrive.

We have several raffles planned for jewelry from Energy Muse, Moondog
Treasures, Jennifer Stock Designs and Namaste Handbags & Accessories.
Raffle tickets are $5 each or 2 for $8 and can be paid via personal check or
PayPal. Let us know if you would like a raffle ticket –
follow us on Facebook for weekly raffle details!

If we can answer any questions about how to help, please feel free to get
in touch via phone or email.

Many thanks for your time and consideration!
Tracy and Jennifer



Vermont Needs You - Clothespins Consignment