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I have been taking the music and social transformation work that I set up EarthTones.org for (Yoga Revolution came out of that) in a big way since we saw each other.

Yoga Revolution | Producer Frank Fitzpatrick 

Wow – time does slip away. I loved what you were doing too! I really meant to reconnect, so I thank you for reaching out. – Frank
I have been taking the music and social transformation work that I set up EarthTones.org for (Yoga Revolution came out of that) in a big way since we saw each other. I am working on a film project in China right now with Shanghai Studios and the NBA and getting ready to head to Brazil next week to give a TEDx talk on Music and Story: Rewriting the Future of Humanity.  This article in the biz section of Boston.com is probably the best update.  It talks about my WHY MUSIC series I’m writing as part of my work and as a pre-cursor to an e-book and, hopefully, a TV special.
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In the Yoga space: I helped launch the LA Yoga For Hope – promoting alternative therapies (Music, Yoga, Meditation) as alternative therapies for life-threatening diseases, play a bit (Bhakti Fest, etc), practice a lot; but the biggest part of my work is Seva – and exploring large platforms (via music and media/film) for shifting consciousness across the globe.  It’s all yogato me.  I think you will really like WHY MUSIC – you can check it out at www.FrankFitzpatrick.com/brazil/why_music.html, at FrankFitzpatrick.com or EarthTones.org (or the Huffington Post).
Thanks for pushing the Yoga Revolution piece out again.  We will spread some links to our network as well.
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Let me know when you want/need the answers, or if you have another idea once you read the article.  I’m pretty slammed until I get back from Brazil, but can try to squeeze something in for you if you want to tie it to the Yoga Revolution piece you just did.  Either way, I would love to catch up in length when I get back.
With Respect and Gratitude,
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A multi-­platinum selling record producer, Grammy-­nominated songwriter, social entrepreneur and award-­winning filmmaker, Frank Fitzpatrick has proven himself to be a creative visionary and committed advocate for transforming the human spirit through the power of music and film. His experience across the international business, social and entertainment sectors allows him to provide organizations and brands with highly creative solutions and integrated strategies for adapting to new markets and impacting large audiences.

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Fitzpatrick has had an extensive career working with musical pioneers like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, K’Naan and Ziggy Marley; top Hollywood filmmakers from the Weinstein Brothers to Francis Ford Coppola; and global thought leaders in the fields of business, media, branding and technology – using music and creativity as catalysts for cultivating higher levels of intelligence, innovation and compassion in the world.

His production credits include soundtracks for over two-­dozen films, countless music events, award-winning films and the sale of over six million albums. In addition to his work with Hollywood successes such as Friday, Jump In!, The Larry Sanders Show, Pirates of Silicon Valley and the billion-­dollar Scary Movie franchise; the Detroit-­born Fitzpatrick has worked extensively in the non-profit sector and healing arts.

As Founder and Director of the non-profit EarthTones, Fitzpatrick focuses on creating media projects and large-scale campaigns that make a positive contribution to our world. Current EarthTones projects include Yoga For Hope – City of Hope’s national campaign promoting alternative and supportive therapies (music, yoga, meditation) for patients with life-threatening diseases, and Amazing – a film partnership between Shanghai Film Studios and the National Basketball Association (NBA), which helps promote health and fitness clinics for young fans and families throughout China.

A delegate to the 2012 Skoll World Forum for Social Entrepreneurs in Oxford, England, Fitzpatrick has consulted for numerous companies and spoken at forums and events around the globe including recent presentations for the Shanghai Film Academy, Singularity University (NASA) and TEDx-FIAP in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has published several articles, including his WHY MUSIC series for the Huffington Post, which he is currently developing into a television special by the same name.