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The Facets of Dawn Dawn DeLeonardis, Jewelry Designer & Yogi, Creator behind Aurora Designs, Handmade Gemstone Creations www.auroraaura.com I first met Dawn DeLeonardis through a mutual friend, Janine Friedman, owner of Esteem Wellness & Fitness (and by the way friends, Esteem is a simply awesome place on Long Island – Dawn is a yogi with a talent for creating gorgeous sterling silver and genuine gemstone jewelry.

But, these days, there are so many “been-there-done-that” designs out there. Dawn’s creations were so professional, unique, so detailed and delicate – I was simply amazed. Esteem carried her line, called Aurora Designs, and I just wanted one of everything. I wear one of her rings literally every day. I never take it off. Sometimes you just see a line of creations whether it be yoga clothing, art, or jewelry and you immediately connect with that designer or artist – you know they “get it”. Dawn is that person – she is a breath of fresh air on crisp winter day – she sparkles and she doesn’t even know it. She smiles and the room is a happier place when she is around. Her jewelry designs reflect that. I have been blessed to get to know Dawn for the brief time I lived on Long Island and I cherish the pieces I have from Aurora Designs and wear them with my favorite jeans, favorite yoga pants and out in a fancy dress (but here in Vermont, her jewels are best with boots, jeans, and tees, peeking out of a warm wooly hat!). I have a pair of earrings (in the photos here) I have lost one a million times and prayers always answered, it turns up somewhere every time. Thank goodness – they are my favorite. Dawn is my favorite jewelry designer hands-down.

Back last summer, our last meeting at an event, I left Dawn with a challenge. I gave her some old pieces of beads and baubles that really meant a lot to me – left to me from my late grandmothers on both sides of the family and asked her to take them and breathe new life into them. I said I knew she would connect with them and see something new but they were sitting in my drawer at home and I wanted so much to enjoy wearing them. Two of the pieces were old scrimshaw pieces on ivory that were handmade by my late grandfather for my grandmother – one, of an Eskimo baby, was picked up on one of his treks to Alaska and given to me as a gift when before I could walk, the leather cord was brittle and vulnerable, so I was scared to wear it for fear of breaking it and losing the piece. I trusted Dawn with all these things and was so excited to see someday what she might see in each piece and how they would turn out.

I cannot explain how I feel about what Dawn returned to me but that I was simply speechless. I was literally packing up my house ready to leave for our new life in Vermont with the kids, and we met each other at a local bookstore so that she could show me what she had created. If not for the craziness of the kids and surroundings, I think I might have burst into tears! Each piece was more amazing than the next. I have photographed each one here in Vermont this winter as they are so beautiful in the sparkling snow and sun. Dawn really put her heart and soul into each piece and even named them (as she does for all her designs) with inspiration and intention. I wear them with joy and memories of my grandparents. They all would be so amazed and happy. I recently shared the new designs with my Mother and she too loved them all. Aurora Designs is only one tiny facet of Dawn, I knew she could make amazing NEW designs. But she can take a simple old set of beads, real or not, and create something new and special with great meaning and soul. I highly recommend her design – they are beautifully made, genuine, yet sturdy (believe me on that!) and full of soul. Like Dawn. I cannot thank her enough – I will be forever grateful for the time she took in making my vintage pieces new again.

Please visit Dawn online via Aurora Design’s Facebook Page: # 1 is of my favorite earrings ever! Called: “Hope Faith Love Peace~” Made with Sterling Silver and Zircon: Universal Truth, intuition, durability, steadiness, integrity, and connection with “All That Is.” Eases depression, insomnia.

Crystal Journey photo:.

3rd Generation Glass Antique Crystal Bead Opera Length Necklace transformed into an accordion bracelet and long elegant drop earrings.

Forever Young Photo:

My Paternal Grandmother’s strand of Turquoise beads re-strung and added to a treasured coral horse pendant

Om Shanti Photos 1 & 2:

My Paternal Grandmother’s antique white coral beads combined with my Maternal Grandmothers antique red coral chip bead necklace, restrung into an amazing mala with a beautiful sterling OM added


My Grandfather’s Ivory Eskimo Baby Pendant I received as a child re-strung on a fresh black leather chain with a black tormaline accent clasp


In 1975, my Grandfather gave my Grandmother a scrimshaw heart pendant he made of real ivory from Alaska of two love birds – on the back are their initials, Dawn re-strung the pendant on fresh ivory leather with a mother of pearl accent clasp.


Photo of Hanging Earrings

is of my favorite earrings ever! Called: “Hope Faith Love Peace~” Made with Sterling Silver and Zircon: Universal Truth, intuition, durability, steadiness, integrity and connection with “All That Is.” Eases depression, insomnia.


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