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by Scaravelli Yoga Teacher Darlene Bink

approaching it with a new mind, i lie back without expectation. i am embraced and can feel the unconditional love.

the support is overwhelming, my shoulders and hips release down. i begin to relax and i allow myself to soften.

Darlene Bink - Awaken your Spine through Yoga
i am ready to receive.

my breath happens all by itself and ripples through my entire body. and i am releasing more deeply into you.

i move inside and i can feel my heart beat.

i feel so alive and my passion consumes me.

i lie in stillness… waiting.

thoughts fill my head but i let them go.

i want to stay with this experience….my body enthralled.

i can feel the ease in my mind and the cessation of any physical tension. you continue to caress me and i give myself to you. all inhibitions dissolve.

you see all of me…..and invite me in with acceptance.

i linger in this state of rapture as we become one.

i feel complete.