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Sewall House Yoga Retreat

Teen Teacher Training In Maine April 26 – May 18 Sewall house

“As a teacher, people come to you for many reasons. It is essential that we have tools at our fingertips to serve the unique needs of each person.” Yogi Bhajan

Teacher Training in a small residential Retreat Center.

Sewall House offers a private personalized atmosphere.

  • Training limited to 5 participants.
  • Each participant will have a private bedroom for rest and study.

The session will be three weeks. Each day the sessions will be 10 hours. There will be a total of 3 weeks of sessions to meet all of the requirements of the 200 Hour training plus homework.

Susanna & Laura Sewall House Yoga Retreat Teen Teacher Training

This will give a comprehensive training that includes:

  • Yamas and Niyamsa
  • Different types/ styles of yoga defined
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Philosophy, Ethics, Lifestyle
  • Teaching Methodology and Techniques
  • Mantra, Meditation, Asana, Pranayam Sequencing, forward and backbends, inversions and twists Meditation, breathing, relaxation techniques, including Yoga Nidra
  • Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations, as well as the Chakra Energy systems. You will have the opportunity to study and enjoy the benefits of yogic eating as well as lifestyle information about various approaches to food and diet (raw, fasting, cleanses etc).

The teacher trainer will be able to teach Kundalini Yoga as well as hatha forms of yoga from this training.

Amrita teaches Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Restorative/Iyengar influenced teachings.

Sewall House is located in a small village in northern Maine. You may view the rooms on our accommodation page; they are roomy and comfortable, beautifully furnished. This environment gives the student teacher the opportunity to concentrate on the studies while living in a like-minded community. Your work will then help you incorporate and build what you have learned into your own practice, homework, and potential as a teacher. It is important that you are able to commit to the entire program.

Please consider this carefully as there will be no refunds, though the tuition can be paid as you go along (you will still be charged once you have committed to your spot). Payment is by Visa, MC or personal check (if you are paying the full amount in one payment for reduced cost).


To see the specific requirements for the training, please get in touch if you’re interested.

Please make clear your reason for taking the training, as this is an important requirement. It is not about years of experience, though you are expected to have had some yoga experience. If you have only taken a few yoga classes you may not be a good candidate for this training but may still apply as the reasons for taking it are as important as your experience. If that is the case, you may be required to take a certain number of classes before the training. You are expected to attend all sessions, do all work that is required, as well as practicums and work outside the classroom. Completion of the exam is at the end of the program.

Who will you be learning from?

Donna (Amrita) Davidge-Bonham (500 Hr Yoga Alliance E-RYT) has a well-rounded background in yoga. Amrita has taught Kundalini Yoga in various 3HO settings (solstices, festivals, centers) since 1985 (0ver 25 years) and is best known in this community. She has tens of thousands of hours teaching in various settings, from corporations to health clubs to yoga centers, privately and at her own (Sewall House) and other yoga retreats/spas (Puravida Costa Rica, Nu-Age, Spannocchia Italy), as well as on radio, television and in print. Since 2003 she has also taught many hours of Hatha, Ashtanga Series One and Vinyasa Yoga based on her studies (since 1999) with Eddie Stern and Dharma Mittra in New York City. In the past few years she has added studies with Genny Kapuler, Iyengar based practice.

Besides producing two audiocassettes, one booklet and two videos in the 1990’s, she and her husband Kent Bonham produced two Kundalini Yoga DVDs in 2004. Many of Amrita’s students have gone on to take the Kundalini Yoga teacher training. Amrita’s style of teaching is warm, welcoming, non-judgmental, informative and safe. She approaches yoga as a lifelong lesson and journey of self-study, as a way to better understand and explore your own mind, breath, and physical body. This teacher training will give you that opportunity as well.

Sewall House Yoga Retreat Small Classes Yoga Studio

The teacher training should be viewed as a beginning rather than an endpoint. Amrita (Donna) will impart what she knows to start you on this path well equipped. Tuition for the course is $2700, which can be paid in three $900 installments. If paid in full with a credit card the charge is $2500, cash or check is $2400. Room and Board is additional $100/night and includes private room, 3 healthy mostly organic home-cooked (and acclaimed by our guests) vegetarian meals per day, yogi tea (all day) and coffee (morning only). No alcohol or recreational drugs are allowed at the retreat. Please make sure the specific dates work for you and that you can arrange your schedule accordingly.


“I’ve always been interested in yoga, especially Kundalini yoga. However, I hadn’t really thought about taking a teacher training until I visited Sewall House last year. Sewall House is a serene place, perfect to get immersed in training. I enjoyed my three week intensive training and learned a lot from Donna. She covered so many topics that really helped me understand the origins of yoga and that it’s so much more than just about asanas. Donna not only brings theory to the training, she also speaks from experience from her many years as a teacher and small business owner, which is why I enjoyed the training so much. After all, theory only gets you so far and you want to have a teacher that can also address how to deal with difficult situations, create space and much more.I haven’t taught yet but the training has advanced my own yoga practice because I have so much more background on why we do the poses And meditations we do. I do plan to teach one day but in the meantime, I take different classes to continue learning”. Nadja Washington DC