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Patricia Gerbarg, MD & Richard P Brown, MD write about some of their thoughts pertaining to the Orlando Pulse Massacre. and the other tragedies around our country.

We are all touched by the tragic loss of life in Orlando and many other cities, but for the people of Newtown such horrific events can vividly bring back memories of their own losses.

We have been honored to share healing mind-body practices with them and hope to return to their yoga festival in the future. Survivors of violence and terror need the support of all.

Patricia Gerbarg, MD and Richard P Brown, MD

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Patricia Gerbarg, MD, is a Harvard-trained Psychiatrist, Clinician-Researcher, writer, consultant teaches Neuroscience, integration of Breath~Body~Mind with Psychotherapy, and natural treatments for mental health.

Richard P Brown, MD, is an Integrative Psychiatrist, Clinician-Researcher, Mind-Body, Qigong, Yoga and Martial Arts teacher developed Breath~Body~Mind to quickly relieve stress and trauma.

They both feel it is a benefit to people who have suffered trauma to integrate the best of conventional and natural treatments. Although they feel that conventional medicine provides many valuable treatments, that humanity has not yet tapped the full potential of our innate healing capacities, the medicinal properties of plants, and other natural approaches.

The Newtown Yoga Festival will be happening on Saturday, August 27th, 2016.

Newtown Yoga Festival’s  Mission is Love

We believe that yoga, mindfulness, and music are tools for raising the vibration of love in our body, breath and brain as well as our community and in the world.

The Newtown Yoga Festival was formed as a holistic solution for anyone and everyone through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga.  It is our way to honor lives lost, celebrate the strength and resilience of human-kind and offer healing with a compassionate practice and conversation on peace.

The festival has been designed to promote positive well-being, health and community.  Yoga, by promoting movement and mindfulness, has been proven effective in reducing stress and depression and is a valuable mechanism for coping with physical and emotional trauma.  The Newtown Yoga Festival honors this ideal.

Please join us for a heart-opening, vibration-raising experience that will revive your spirit, enrich your practice and activate the power of love in your life.