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Part Three on Hosting Your Websites

Part Three on Hosting Your Websites

There is a fairly significant difference between a “good” hosting company and a “bad” hosting company. Good hosting is immediate, you get help when something is wrong with your site.  Theoretically, Hosting should be a transparent process from provider to consumer, right?  The truth of the matter is that “bad” hosting is out there, and their phone prompts are designed to lose you.  Bad hosting will placate you until you renew for the next year, or until you start asking the right questions.

When you host with Yoganomics® the positive hosting advantages are that you host with people who are on the same path as you are. We have learned the hard way, without anyone’s help, yet learned that you can’t always depend on people or businesses. Yoganomics® is accountable for both the hosting and support.  We provide an easy set-upfree transfer, and very simple management.  You can either choose an “easy Do-It-Yourself” route, or you can pay us to manage it for you. We provide quick reference learning resources, and also provide for most plugins, clean and professional auto-updates, so your WordPress websites are always up, running and up-to-date.

Yoganomics® will show you how to take advantage of Automatic backups, recommend built-in security features, and provide a free automatic upgrade to HTTPS. have tips on how to keep your website load light, super fast, so it will always load quickly, and provide you with ample amounts of storage and space for your website. We won’t “advertise” on your site, that we “made your site,” meaning you will never have our advertisements on your website.  There is no reason why you can’t have the website that represents your business fully and is linked to your own social media. You won’t be limited to customizations or templates, or particular themes, you can easily own your own domain name and you absolutely won’t be limited to space or bandwidth. We are easy to work with, you can call us, and we find a way to help you succeed and exceed your expectations!

Your Security is Our Top Priority!

Why You Need Secure Hosting

  • We don’t sell your email.
  • We are not unethical.
  • We don’t attach unnecessary software to your website to slow your business website down. (other hosting plans do)
  • We don’t sell emails to other companies.  Many companies sell your emails for spamming purposes.
  • We don’t sell your website address to be targeted by salesmen.  Sales calls may occur at times, but when we will teach you as many secrets we have found that work along the way.
  • Yoganomics® also pays close attention to how many clients are allocated per server.  We never exceed numbers for a profit.


Yoganomics® offers robust web hosting packages for any type of website. Let us know what you are trying to accomplish, and we will fit you with the correct type of hosting for your website. Advertisers feel safe knowing that they have the best possible option for Secure WordPress Hosting, with a free “HTTPS” website.  We have various price plans and options to suit every need.  Automatic WordPress auto-updates, lightning fast speed, expertise and an on-call support team for your every need.