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Om Inspirations By Darlene Bink

During the launch of Yoga With Style nothing would prepare me for the love and dedication that I would experience through meeting new artisans and designers.  On this journey yoga has taken me, I am fortunate to meet others on their journey and see the love and light in each of them as they take their inspiration of yoga off the mat and onto canvas or in this case,  into gemstones and creating jewelry…I think the fairy in me who is attracted to sparkly things always holds my breath in wonder every time I meet an awesome new inspirational jewelry designer….their talent is so raw and new….Darlene Bink is one such yogini….her designs are earthy and real and so full of clarity and joy. The exclusive pieces she has made for Yoga With Style are like a clear blue sky or soft desert sand…the elements and themes of nature are apparent in the stones….the pieces speak for themselves.  In chatting with Darlene, she is so simple in her direction where jewelry creation comes in…there’s no drama, which I love! – just fun and the love of creation – true talent and amazing perspective on how the world of nature off our mats is so wonderful.

YWS: When did you decide to become a designer/artisan? DB: A few years ago I decided to start making jewelry because a friend of mine was doing it… and I thought it looked fun!

YWS: Where (or how) did you train? DB: I have a fine arts minor degree from college where I specialized in drawing.  I remember having one metals class and I loved it!  Other than that, and looking at a lot of beading books, I have no formal training in making jewelry.

YWS: How did your training influence you? DB: My fine arts training helped me a lot with using color and thinking outside the box.

YWS: Where do you get your ideas for Om Inspirations? DB: I get ideas from many things! Things such as, a fabric pattern, a painting, nature, yoga, music, other jewelry, watching HGTV!!

Desert Sage Necklace for Yoga With Style

YWS: What artist or artists inspired or inspires you currently? DB: Pablo Picasso and Egon Schiele have always been my favorites.

YWS: Is there any symbolic imagery in your work? DB: no, not really…  I usually just enjoy experimenting with color.

YWS: What helped to shape you? DB: Attending College, yoga, nature

YWS: How did you decide on this medium? What are your favorite materials and colors, media, to work with? DB: I just started beading one day and let the creative process happen without much thought!  I love colors from nature!  I like using wood beads, semi-precious stones, swarovski crystals, glass beads, and shell.

YWS: How does your yoga practice affect or inspire your designs?  DB: Yoga is truly the art of living!  I am trained in both Vanda Scaravelli’s and Erich Schiffmann’s work.  I am also influenced by Angela Farmer and Donna Farhi.  I practice/teach the traditional hatha yoga, with a heavy feminine influence.  My approach to yoga is very wiggly, soft, meditative, and energizing!  My practice creates an overall well-being and inspires creativity.

We are excited to offer Darlene’s work and look forward to seeing more amazing exclusive designs from her – she’s truly an inspiration to us all!

Darlene Bink of Om Inspirations