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@OccupYOGA San Francisco, California 

We are here to do what needs to be done. Occupy Wall St through Meditation & Yoga — we aim to help unify people to not lose focus or give in. http://occupysf.org


Yoga Teacher Peter Guinosso is organizing a yoga event as a show of support for #OccupySF.

It is time for us to come together and build a new world through the power of the individual and the community. We are not here to make requests of a corrupt political system – we are here to take our lives back into our own hands. We are not acknowledging subservience. There is no higher power than the power of the people. We are not asking for assistance. We are declaring independence. Our demand is not to those in power, it is to those individuals still silenced. Join us.

 We are the 99%. We are not afraid. We are not waiting. We are working to make a better world.

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  • Friday, November 4 · 12:00pm – 1:30pm
  • LOCATION of FlashMobYoga: Justin Herman Plaza – Occupy SF
  • Hyatt Regency San Francisco
    5 Embarcadero
    San Francisco, CA

AS an under current of communication has swept yoga, messages are permeating Facebook, some in yoga are answering the call for action:

Peter Guinosso Flash Mob Yoga:

Ok – Looks like we are creating a Yoga Flash Mob – Thanks for your interest! This has been one of my dreams to do this for a long time and I am super excited to be working on this with you. What a great opportunity to share in a simple way that we are united and connected. And that we can radiate warmth and light through yoga

MEETING DATE/TIME: Friday 11/4/11, 12 Noon

MEETING PLACE: In front of the Hyatt Regency, San Francisco
(meet here to group up and direct our plan for the Flash Mob)
Hyatt Regency
5 Embarcadero Center 
(Corner of Embarcadero and Market)
San Francisco, California, 

LOCATION of Yoga Flash Mob: Justin Herman Plaza – Occupy SF

WHAT we need:
Yourself and all of your friends.
Your promotion of this event to all people everywhere;)
Please invite your peeps to this FB event page. 
Witty signs like “free hugs” “occupy this moment” etc. 
Your Yoga Mat 
A sound system to play music to do yoga too.
A videographer.
A photographer. 

This is my vision – which I am open to shifting if you have better suggestions.
One of our crew will place their mat down down in the middle of open area, play music, and do 1 A (B) series sun salutation.
They will stop and pause at the top of the mat.
And then 3 other people will meander out of the crowd and create a circle (about 20 feet in diameter) using the 4 directions as a marker and another sun salutation in Sync.
Then we will stop at the top of the mat and if we have enough people fill out the circle with 8-12 people bringing their mat and place it down within the circle and do another sun.
And so on and so on…until we have our whole crew doing suns….
We will finish with some rolling oms to bring it all together and out

Afterwards we can have signs to give out free hugs or hand out free hug coupons to connect with the community

Wahoo! I am so excited to make this happen.
Let me know if you have any suggestions 
XO – Pete

The Bhagavad gita does not condone helplessness and weakness in the face of injustice and wickedness.  According to the scripture it is the duty of every individual to protect himself from the wicked acts of evil forces.  

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