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Michael Anderson’s has been practicing of yoga for 10 years.

Michael is trained in many different styles but the ones that resonate with him are Vinyasa Krama and Kripalu yoga.  He lives in Bethel, CT, working in a career of Digital Marketing & Web Design.
This year’s festival will take place on August 22nd, 2015 and in his own words, he will tell you why he teaches at the Newtown Yoga Festival:

How I became a part of the Newtown Yoga Festival 

By: Michael Anderson

One of my friends & yoga teachers, Karen Pierce, asked for some web, creative, and marketing help when the festival was just forming. I was happy to oblige. Everyone in the area has a tie to the Sandy Hook shootings in some way or another, and everyone wanted to be a part of the healing. The atmosphere in the community at the time was chaotic and loving, anguished and comforting, all mixed together.
Everyone in the area has a tie to the Sandy Hook shootings in some way or another, and everyone wanted to be a part of the healing.
Living about 10 minutes from the school, and knowing parents and students who were in the school that day made everything hit very close to home. My wife’s office is just around the corner from the school. As a parent, it’s a nightmare you never want to face. But there wasn’t a tremendous amount of aid an everyday Joe could give – a few dollars, an ear to listen, or a simple act of kindness was about our limit.
The Newtown Yoga Festival was a way for me to do more for the community with something I did have access to – designing and marketing. It would be a different kind of event to which everyone had access – you could walk in the door for free if you couldn’t find the cash to donate, you could put a grand in the bucket, and walk away, hopefully, in a positive way. For me, yoga has been a way to improve my health, manage my stress, and it just makes you feel good – something that you’d want everyone in the community to experience.


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Michael does our marketing and website. Michael’s work for the festival has been invaluable, the team is tremendously grateful for his generosity, not only does Michael create and upkeep the website but he and his company have kindly funded the Newtown Yoga Festival domain. Michael has volunteered a tremendous amount of time and energy on the festival and shares the same hope as the rest of us that yoga and this fest will bring some comfort to the community as an annual venue for people to come together to heal.  – Jennifer Smith

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