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Above: Lizzie Mensinger, a junior advertising & public relations major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has been practicing yoga for four years and instructing at Lotus House of Yoga for about five months.

Lizzie Mensinger Lotus House of Yoga Teacher

Source:  http://www.dailynebraskan.com/arts_and_entertainment/unl-student-blossoms-as-lotus-house-of-yoga-instructor/article_689c3598-c865-11e4-95f4-97dcc340a3c6.html

“Flip the Script.”

Lizzie Mensinger said yoga started out as something she turned to for stress relief in high school. Now it has in many ways “flipped the script” on her life. Mensinger balances being a full-time student with being a yoga instructor at Lotus House of Yoga in downtown Lincoln, teaching six classes five days a week at Lotus.