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John Friend, Anusara Yoga Video From Wanderlust 2010

Before the John Friend scandal, people thought Anusara was going to be the next big yoga teacher lineage. His take on Iyengar is still unparalleled. The Universal Principles of Alignment are still considered some of the smartest improvements to yoga. When I worked at Yoga Journal, many of us used to pay money to hear him speak.  He was a great speaker.

I know that might be controversial to say but John Friend’s teachings have basically shaped me into the yogi I am today.  Everyone that I met through Anusara has always been a very competent yoga teacher. Sometimes people make mistakes in their lives, and most of the time it’s usually according to their belief systems, ideological practice, or flaws as human beings.

John Friend of Anusara Yoga. This video filmed on Saturday, July 31st, 2010, during the 1st Wanderlust Festival.

John’s remarks are completely candid.

Topics covered:

  1. New York Times Sunday, July 25th, 2010 piece on Anusara Yoga and creator, John Friend
  2. Anusara Yoga: Travels and Growth
  3. Current world market in relation to a positive message of yoga practice
  4. Does Anusara recognize other styles of yoga?
  5. Certification of Anusara Yoga
  6. Levels of Certification for Anusara Yoga Teachers
  7. The essence of a yoga teacher

John Friend Anusara Yoga & Brian Castellani