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Diane Hudock Yoga Teacher

What drew you to yoga?

I had always had a natural inclination towards the healing arts, spirituality, and energy medicine from an early age.  I was a serious gymnast for many years until I blew my knee out in a competition when I was sixteen that ended that “dream” pretty abruptly.  I grew almost three inches in two months and after several reconstructive knee surgeries later, I started getting really curious about ways of healing the body.  I’d read books on yoga theory and practice and would try things at home but it wasn’t until college that I really discovered it, started practicing it more regularly and found a teacher.  My college was just outside New York City so every chance I’d have I would drive into the city and practice.

How long have you been teaching?

16 yearsDiane Hudock Yoga Teacher

Who has been some of your influential teachers and why?

My most influential “teacher” is my guru, YogiRaj GuruNath.  He’s been guiding me, uplifting me, and more often challenging me along the path since 2006.  His presence in my life has radically changed the course of how I teach and how I live as well as my own vibration and abilities by expanding everything that I do.  He has singularly been the greatest blessing and foundation for all my yoga teaching and beyond.

splits on ledge Diane Hudock Yoga Teacher

As far as the physical practice goes, there is a short list of some true standouts that have shaped me to be who I am today.

– Every student that I have ever taught for teaching me above all patience, compassion, and understanding.
– Sharon Gannon and David Life lit the candle for me as my first experience on the mat and for their teachings, which initiated me on this path, I’m forever grateful.
– Mark Blanchard for taking me under his wing, being a fierce inspiration of strength and endurance, seeing my talent and honing it, and pushing me to be a great teacher.   He was the one that really put me on the floor before I felt I was ready and I thrived because of it.
– Frank White for his honest, no holds barred approach and showing me I can go beyond my current perceived limitations.  It was hard to argue with an 80-year-old – if he can do it, you have no excuses.  He taught me that yoga as he so aptly put it, “means YES.”
– Chris Chavez for creating immense breakthroughs in my body, and inspiring me to study Anusara.
– John Friend for his Principles of Alignment and all the Shakti and heart centered energy he spread through his yoga teachings that were undeniably infectious.
– Jodi Blumstein for her firmly rooted guidance along the Ashtanga path and my weekly “go to” for deepening this traditional and physically demanding practice.
– David Swenson, Doug Swenson, David Life, and Dena Kingsberg collectively for shaping me through their wisdom, acute understanding, precision, refinement, and commitment to the practice.

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What made you commit to yoga? 

Nothing has ever made me commit.  It’s more that it’s become a huge part of who I am and what I want to become.  As cliché as it sounds, its truly been a very natural unfoldment.  As my teaching grew, my desire to inspire others grew.  I wanted to learn as much as I could within its teachings so that I could offer as much as I could to my students. I think in life all you have to do is look at the feedback and it will show you the way.  To live your bliss is to follow the joy. Yoga has brought a lot of that into my life so naturally, over time, my energy, commitment, and devotion to this sacred science has grown and evolved.  My students have always been my greatest feedback and inspiration as I witnessed their own lives shifting in ways I would have never imagined.  Knowing I can make a meaningful contribution, the feeling it gives me in my heart to teach, and all the blessings that the practice has bestowed upon me over the years have led to a very wonderful feeling — one of living a soul-centered life of purpose.

What are you doing now?

I am currently teaching two weekly classes at Black Dog Yoga in Los Angeles, as well as, my private clientele.  We are currently in the editing of a yoga comedy for the web I co-wrote and produced – a departure from all things serious reminding us (hopefully) to never forget to laugh and never take ourselves too seriously.  I am traveling a lot less now as I’m pursuing my Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and being the best mommy I can be to my two-year-old son and wife to my husband.  Life is sweet ☺