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Christ the Mediator

Dear Mr. Mohler

I recently rode on a plane with a man from Washington State that knew you. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch his name, but we spoke for the entire trip. He was a lawyer/director for a “Washington State Family Values” non-profit lobbying organization. Early in the conversation, I had mentioned your name and he said that he had met you and that I should call you to open a conversation.

I wanted you to know that there are many Christian based yoga programs in America, “Christ Centered Yoga” and “Color Me Yoga,” to name a couple.

If you ever had 10 minutes of a conversation, I would love the chance to tell you more about these types of programs and how persons physical body can benefit from practicing a physical discipline such as yoga.

In this day of processed foods and the growing number of “health and obesity,” issues in America, yoga can help people with better circulation and range of motion without challenging their spiritual beliefs. In many instances, their practice of yoga becomes a way for them to deepen their Christian faith.

I look forward to speaking with you and hopefully, at some point, we can have a conversation in person.

God Bless,