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Bending w/ Chloe Hallock & the USA Yoga Asana Championship

January 19th

Bikram Yoga Teacher Chloe Hallock competed in the Oregon and Washington Regional USA Yoga Asana Championship (where 45 people participated). Chloe is a loved Bikram Yoga Teacher in Portland’s Yoga community studios.  The Bikram community is holding donation yoga classes for her this weekend so she can afford to go to the USA Yoga Championships in New York City.

Portland has long been a close knit “tight” yoga community!   Bend with Chloe Hallock at either Bikram Yoga Alberta Street 6:30pm Friday night and at Bikram Yoga – Fremont St 4:30pm Sunday night. NYC here comes Chloe!!! 

Bending with Chloe Hallock - USA Yoga Asana Championship

Contestants turn an internal practice outward to community


The Register-Guard

Published: January 14, 2013 12:00AM,Midnight, Jan. 14

The phrase “competitive yoga” seems to twist the uninitiated into the mental equivalent of what the eagle pose does to the arms and legs.

To the more than 45 people who participated in the Oregon and Washington Regional USA Yoga Asana Championship Sunday at the WOW Hall, there is no contradiction.

“I do it every year because I believe in the goal of the organization,” said Eugene’s Jess Eldridge, who placed first in the Oregon women’s division and will move on to nationals in March in New York. She is also a head teacher at Eugene Bikram’s Yoga College of India and spearheaded hosting the event.

Regional USA Yoga Asana Championship

Top placers in each category

Oregon Women: Jess Eldridge, first; Chloe Hallock, second; Leah Shirley, alternate

Washington Women: Lisa Greenacre, first; Colleen Wonner, second; Adrienne Watral, alternate

Oregon Men: Michael Salter, first; Ryan Robinson, second; Jeremy Covert, alternate

Washington Men: Tyson Strotz, first; Oly Steinmetz, second; Dana Smith, alternate