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Anxiety-Free Calgary Classrooms

Between sleep deprivation and test-related anxiety to the mental toll bullying and daily life can take, high school can be an emotional minefield for the teen set. So much so that a recent study co…

Source: http://calgaryherald.com/life/parenting/calgary-schools-offer-stress-reduction-strategies-for-students

“What’s important for parents to know is, if their child is battling stress or anxiety, the simple things matter,” says Sylvie Monfette, principal of E.P. Scarlett.

“(Parents need to) take time to listen without judgment, making sure (kids) have down time, are eating well, getting enough sleep, making sure that their interests, passions and abilities are considered in their choice of post-secondary plans.”

Monfette adds that having students experience greater independence gradually will build their resilience and prepare them for life after high school.

“It’s also important for parents to be able to recognize when their child’s anxiety is past the normal range and when help is needed and may include counseling, mental and medical supports,” she says.

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