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What drew you to yoga?

I had already been dancing for a few years when my 8th grade school gym teacher decided to include yoga in our athletic pursuits. She gave us Sun Salutations which I connected with right away because the flowing movements felt so much like dance to me. The aspect of paying tribute to the sun appealed to me too. It was like praying and really clicked with my Catholic schoolgirl sensibility. After that I never had a reason to stop. I found yoga to be such a valuable adjunct to dance. I studied it to gain flexibility and then strength, and most importantly to learn how to use the breath. After that, I kept it up just because it made me feel so much better when I did it.

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How long have you been teaching?

11 years

Who has been some of your influential teachers (and why)?

The teachers who have been able to think outside of the box have influenced me most. Like the dance teacher who sent me to Kundalini Yoga classes to get some much needed upper body strength. And another dance teacher who sent me to Kundalini Yoga to learn how to breath and dance at the same time haha! Ravi Singh, whom I teach with has of course, been a major influence to me as well as many other yoga teachers today and people from all walks of life. The amazing gift he gives is being able to perceive peoples gifts (we all have them), draw them out, and encourage us to use those gifts. When you learn how to use your gifts to make a difference in this world. Its incredible. Life suddenly flows like magic.

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What made you commit to yoga?

Its so amazing to be able to have some sort of control over your body, who you are, and how you carry yourself in this world. As a result of doing a practice, we can have a say in how we feel! That is so empowering. Giving these tools to people (students), is one of the most important gifts I could ever give them. Also, The fact that I can’t imagine myself not doing yoga is its own form of commitment.

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What are you are doing now?

We are planning an upcoming yoga tour called “Ready, Set, Sat Nam!” We plan to travel the whole country and the world. Classes will very often have live music or raw healthy treats. It’s going to be amazing fun! We are also putting the finishing touches on our new huge Kundalini Yoga book and are in the process of editing some new DVDs.