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Yoga Town Episode 4 – Crisis Management

With Elijah setting up Camp, Willow holds a staff meeting with Chas and Ingrid, to come up with ideas to ‘get rid of him’. Chas and Ingrid put their heads together and come up with some ideas, one of which strikes the cord of Willow’s heart! As Willow prepares for a battle of the yogis, Chas takes every opportunity possible to ‘show some love’, without much coming back. Fighting fire with fire, Willow embraces the idea that she brings in some ‘help’ to gain back her dignity and her clients!
Elija Pied Piper of Yoga on Yoganomics | Yoga Town Episode 4 - Crisis Management


Willow’s nemesis and The ‘Pied Piper of Yoga’ and sole Owner of the Go Yoga , a mobile yoga company. Elijah has an interest in all things female. He is alluring and intoxicating and seduces participants onto his magic carpet and takes them for a ride. Elijah just wants to make the World a better place, and he might bite off a few heads to get there.

Chaz | Crushin on Willow | on Yoganomics | Yoga Town Episode 4 - Crisis Management


Instructor, Laundry Boy and Willow Worshipper. Sensitive Chas has an intense passion towards Willow, his boss. Willow saved him from a life as a fame seeking, ego driven Yoga Instructor at a franchise yoga studio. Chas was a former reality TV star on the show, “Pool Boys of Vancouver”, until he was the first one voted off the pool deck. He hopes that Willow will see how great they are together and will want more than just her blocks scrubbed.

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