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Cherie Lathey


Cherie Lathey has spent the past 20 years working in the fitness industry as a gym instructor and personal trainer. She has worked for the LTA at the Wimbledon qualifiers since 1993, providing warm-up exercises for the ball boys/girls. ABOUT

Cherie Lathey Yoga Teacher

Prenatal yoga app



Cherie Lathey, a Yoga Teacher from London, has a new Prenatal yoga app out that is very informative and helpful to any woman who is pregnant. This is only the first of many media related venues she is pursuing.

Yoganomics wishes her luck in embarking on this exciting endeavor and encourages anyone who is interested in Yoga to purchase her app themselves or someone who may benefit from the Prenatal app.

Yoga Mama - Cherie Lathey Yoga Teacher with a new Prenatal yoga app

Prenatal yoga app

To contact her you may visit her website at: http://www.yogamama.co.uk