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Yoga Force | Annie Appleby

YogaForce | Anne Appleby

Annie Appleby is the founder & chief creative of YogaForce LLC, and a certified spokesperson for American Bone Health.

New York Times:
“The thick mat offers good cushioning for the knees and spine and the orange lines did make alignment easier.”

Annie discusses the reasons and the methodology behind beginning YogaForce.

From the beginning, YogaForce has been a labor of love. When Anne E. Appleby first became addicted to yoga, in the late 80s, she was frustrated by the lack of hip, fun, comfortable clothing in which to practice it.By 1995, it seemed the only solution would be to found her own Company.

In addition to yoga studios, health clubs and spas, Annie’s clothing and her patented A-Line Mat have been carried by more than 350 retailers, including Macy’s; Bloomingdale’s; Nordstrom; The Sharper Image; Paragon Sports; The Cleveland Clinic; Sports Club/LA; Equinox; The InterContinental Hotels; Oshman’s Japan; Fitness Town Canada; Kitson and Fred Segal.

YogaForce has been featured in more than 50 top television shows, major movies and celebrity closets. After surviving a few bad car accidents in LA, Annie introduced a revolutionary Patented YogaForce A-Line Mat.

The patented alignment system on the YogaForce Mat aides in physical therapy, yoga, pilates, and all floor exercises as it helps guide your body in proper positioning to maximize performance.

The YogaForce A-Line has been profiled by leading publications such as The Wall Street Journal; The New York Times; TIME Magazine; Yoga Journal; San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Times.

About Annie

About Annie Appleby:
Annie was told by several orthopedic surgeons that she would never run again.

Since then, Annie has run a few marathons and has absolutely no signs of any injury after aligning her body with the YogaForce A-Line Mat. “The Mat has put me in the best shape of my life. I stay in the condition the easy way; I am mindful about healthy eating and keeping my body in alignment. It is so simple

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