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The Peanut Story at Project Open Hand

The Peanut Story | Project Open Hand

The Peanut Story from Giant Propeller on Vimeo.

(POH) Project Open Hand’s slogan is to serve: ”meals with love,” even despite the high food costs in San Francisco.  For Project Open Hand, they know when circumstances get tough, the tough get innovative…

They needed to find a way around rising food costs for the people they serve.   Project Open Hand helps people who have HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, seniors citizens, cancer survivors, critically ill, and homeward bound  – receive daily nutritious meals served with love.

Project Open Hand,  put their minds together and started putting food phrases Google – one thing led to another – (or all things lead to peanut butter) … and they came up with the most intelligent choice:

Most store bought Peanut butter is expensive and full of unnatural additives… SO – Project Open Hand should learn how to make all natural San Francisco #DIY Peanut Butter!!

So – that’s what they did…  they made real 100% natural, hand ground, peanut butter that helps feed the people they serve and that everybody loves.

One jar of Project Open Hand’s Peanut Butter feeds one of their clients!

It’s a hit!

Watch the video – it’s inspirational!

In 1985 in San Francisco, Ruth Brinker, a retired grandmother, watched a dear friend die of AIDS. She realized that for many people with HIV/AIDS, malnutrition was causing death as much as the illness itself. At that time, no social service agency was providing meals to those too weak from AIDS or too impoverished to feed themselves. Using her experience as a manager with another food program, Ruth enlisted the help of her friends, secured a basement kitchen at a local church and began to serve meals to seven clients, Project Open Hand was born.

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