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“Does the integrity of Yoga Teacher Education fall with Yoga Alliance – a not for profit business that is 100% tax free, donates the bare minimum to other organizations, yet bases it’s credentialing on securing memberships for their own agenda?”

Yoga Alliance has NOT improved the level yoga education for sixteen years, yet American yoga still defers power to a blatant corporate scheme of “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” yoga….

Is that acceptable to you? It must be because yoga teachers supported them in their unsubstantiated claims of being the “benchmark of yoga education.”

Does (any) state government have the right to protect their U.S. citizen consumers from Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings that may (or may not be) taught by un-qualified yoga teachers?
What is my answer? …. I should hope they do retain the rights to maintain statewide safety and quality for citizens of that state. This whole situation is almost exactly what both the massage and acupuncture industries have gone through…

Have we learned anything from their mistakes? No, in fact we are repeating their exact same mistakes. Too many opinions, too many income agendas, not enough focus on being helpful, or on clarification of what yoga education actually is.

Mark Whitwell 3/9/2009 led a yoga class at Yoga Journal
Good Afternoon,
I have worked for Yoga Journal Magazine, Common Ground Magazine (in San Francisco), I have been featured in Colorado’s own national magazine “Origin” and “Elephant Journal,”  and have taken yoga teacher trainings – the most notably led by Jason Crandell (considered one of the best yoga teachers in America), and have successfully run Yoganomics.net, since 2009.  
I have no financial stake in this issue.  I am writing this letter because I care.
Before the Colorado House of Representatives Education Committee makes a decision about overseeing yoga teacher trainings, I implore you to see that the efforts led by Yoga Alliance for what they are: financially based reasons to secure their own membership and not to raise the level education by which yoga is being taught. 
  • Yoga Alliance has no oversight at all for checking safety, or complaints.  
  • Why is Yoga Alliance fighting this? 
Wouldn’t Yoga Alliance benefit from “more” educational oversight that would make better yoga teachers?  Especially in Colorado, home to Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal, Origin Magazine, Yoga Teacher Studios and Yoga Teachers? 
Yoga Alliance wants to exempt all Yoga Teacher Trainings because it serves their own business model, yet it does not protect consumers from unskilled yoga teacher trainings. 
Therefore, I propose the following as a simple solution to the issues that Colorado House of Representatives Education Committee faces: 
Exempt ALL 200 hour yoga teacher trainings and utilize Oversight efforts above 200 hours.
However, if the House of Representatives Education Committee, wants to maintain the integrity of yoga teacher trainings at a skilled yoga education level, then understand that if you specifically choose to endorse the confines of Yoga Alliance’s topical and general credentialing process, that it is a distinct disservice to yoga – to yoga teachers everywhere, also to other yoga studios in the yoga industry – and most importantly to Colorado consumers themselves. 
To see exactly what I’m referring to, all you to do is look on their website: (https://www.yogaalliance.org/Learn/BusinessofYogaResourceCenter
In every “Business of Yoga” conference that Yoga Alliance holds annually, they explain how to run yoga as a “business,” more efficiently
Below is list of videos you can find on their website: 
  •  How to Tap into the Senior Yoga Market
  • Thrive Professionally as a Yoga Teacher
  • Optimize Your Yoga Business With User Experience
  • Open Strong, Stay Open: How to Keep Your Yoga Studio Successful
  • Tips from Wanderlust: Producing Yoga Events, Big and Small
  • How to Manage Yoga Teachers at Your Studio
  • Say It Like You Mean It: Writing Tips for Yoga Teachers
  • Use Marketing to Serve Your Customers
  • Essential Legal Issues for Yoga Teachers
  • Essential Legal Issues for Studio Owners
  • Five Questions to Consider Before Making a Yoga Video
  • Developing a Sales Culture at Your Yoga Studio
  • Radical Collaboration: Forming Alliances
  • The Fundamentals of Workshop Design
  • Finding Your Purpose as a Leader: Karma Yoga for our Times
  • The Art and Science of Profitable Private Teaching
  •  Ten Tangible Tips for Social Media Success
  •  Rapidly Improve Your Business with Customer Feedback
  •  How to Tap into the Senior Yoga Market
  • Focus and Flow: Attention Management
  •  Yoga: The Art of Transformation
  • The Next Generation of Yoga Alliance®
  • Conscious Mind, Conscious Business
Yoga Alliance clearly is playing both sides of yoga policy.  I would encourage you to see through their duplicity.
Yoga Teachers are being compromised and used by by an organization (Yoga Alliance) that is the self proclaimed credentialing entity with no oversight at all.
My letter is about ethics and the integrity of teaching yoga… Not about the financial survival of Yoga Alliance.  
My gratitude for your time and your consideration,  
Brian Castellani 
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