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2009 Video About Tamara Lee Standard “Yoga Girl.”

Tamara Lee Standard “Yoga Girl”

How could it be that not only when attempting to post this were my words lost… 
But all the pictures from this day were blurry…
Sometimes when immersed in modes of #transformation
Any attempts to share the process are thwarted…
#metamorphisis is tantric 
#secret like mystical
#monsoon waterfalls are pilgrimage portals
Temporary #magic moments where water falls in the #desert
We are made of elements
And the #yogi realizes this and learns how to manipulate them and change form.
Density gives way to light as the courage to evolve begins to outweigh the ignorant attachment to living a conditioned delusion. *photo taken while swimming in a pool of bliss found after a pathless hike to a waterfall that is only existing for a few more days…
Learn to find the tunnels that lead to light
The precious gifts from #nature that allow us to experience communion deeply
waking up 

Tamara Lee Standard "Yoga Girl" friend to Brian Castellani and Yoganomics

Tamara Standard credits yoga for saving her from a life of addiction and spiritual seeking.  

An updated Statement directly from Tamara:

“Just gotta clarify though (so as not to misrepresent) that i am not currently teaching at a women’s shelter, but i do find victims of domestic violence and people caught in addictive cycles in my day to day experience and am able to reflect love and freedom to them and be an understanding and trustworthy friend. Also, the video in this article is so old! It was filmed in 2009 btw, and my God, so much has happened since then! i am a totally different being here in 2017 and the culture around yoga has changed so much that it’s ‘historical’ to see this and see how much of what was revelation to me then, is commonly accepted now. We have certainly evolved, both with technology and with what a generation looks like having been raised in a culture where yoga was already mainstream. Very different than my experience…where i was pioneering chanting in gyms in the early 2000’s and facing a lot of scoffing at my desire to practice and ‘teach’ yoga. It makes me grateful too for all the teachers who came before and were willing to be labeled as ‘hippy weirdos’ for doing yoga in a culture that was threatened by it. Now, in 2017, it seems like most people have at least tried it, or definitely know someone who has.”

Yoga Teacher Tamara Lee Standard in India

Tamara has been a friend to Brian Castellani and Yoganomics since 2009.

Tamara now teaches yoga wherever she is, but today resides in Tucson, Arizona.

True Colors TV Presents Tamara Standard "Yoga Girl"

Tamara Standard “Yoga Girl”

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