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A Bigger Picture of Yoga

(my yoga journey…)

by: Stephen Fletcher, Yoga Teacher

I started yoga in 2000.  My sister took me to my first class at UAB with a rubber band named Fran.  I had that feeling of well-being after the class the more I did it but it didn’t grab me like the Bikram yoga I started in 2001.  My teacher was Tina Hill (Shiva Dasi) and I consider her my first ‘guru’ of sorts.  She taught discipline and I was greatly shaped by her style.
The Yoga Circle - Steven Fletcher - Yoganomics
A rewarding teaching experience can happen in a number of ways.  Of course, it feels wonderful to open minds and bodies up enough that the students begin to express true changes in their life.  I personally feel good when I can open up enough that it feels like the universe is using me to convey its’ message.  It has also been wonderful to have inspired a few students here and there to go to training and see their life take on a whole new course.
I would advise beginning students to study and understand the bigger picture of yoga as they practice the beginnings with the body.  Therefore to practice with the right intention and not be stuck in a materialistic view of yoga that the Hatha yoga seen alone would imply.  To teachers I would say, like above, open up enough that it is not you that is teaching but God or the universe.  Practice yoga when teaching through unification with the students needs and the ideas you have for class.  Let them be equal halves.
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