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Mikelle Design’s Happy Elephant Campaign:

Due to heavy illegal poaching, our dear Ganesha relatives are in a serious situation.  Jewelry Designer Mikelle Tersonhas created two ways to help raise awareness around the plight of the elephants:
  1. Purchase: She designed a “Happy Elephant Necklace” and $10 of each necklace purchased is donated to various elephant organizations.
  2. Write: Writing a short essay on: “What made the elephant happy?”
    • The $5 entrance fee goes to the elephants.
    • Write a song, poem or short story and you could win an 18K happy elephant necklace and a photoessay book by Nick Brandt, On this Earth a Shadow Falls.. Judges include best-selling author Malachy McCourt, and jazz genius David Amram. You don’t have to be Hemmingway to enter. Just get creative and have fun! The elephants will thank you.  And remember, an elephant never forgets!

Please go to www.mikelledesign.com for more details.  www.happyelephantcontest.com

Our goal is to heighten awareness about the urgent situation of elephants, to raise money for various organizations and to encourage everyone to use their voice and creativity to help bring consciousness to the issue.

Let the creative juices flow!  Write a poem, short story or song about “What made the elephant happy?”  It’s simple, look through out site  for inspiration and then just follow the steps below.

Happy Elephant Writing Contest Steps:

  1. Have your submission ready – see the”About” tab above for more details
  2. Read Contest Rules – click agreement box
  3. Pay $5.00 Entrance Fee
  4. Fill out Entry Form and Upload Submission
  5. Smile and be Happy!  You did it! And helped elephants too!

Who knows?  You may win a Mikelle Design Special Edition 18K Diamond Happy Elephant Necklace and Nick Brandt’s amazing photo essay book, On this Earth, A Shadow Falls.

See prizes for more details.

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Smiling Elephant, Happy Elephant

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