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My commitment to yoga came about as a re-commitment, intensely from a self-directed practice in my early twenties after a spiritual god realization…

2010 YTT group | Sasha Dae | @sashadae | nosarananda.com

Sasha Dae | nosarananda.com

What was your first introduction to yoga?  

I was first introduced to yoga at age four, by my grandmother, who began her practice at age twenty as a Vivekananda Disciple… I would spend the summer holidays on our family’s 40 acre horse hobby farm in a subburb of Guelph Ontario. My Moma and I would practice yoga in the early morning, then do the farm chores and work in her large garden, harvesting food for breakfast and dinner. I lost interest in yoga as a teen but came back to it intensely in my early 20’s.

Crow Pose | Sasha Dae | @sashadae | nosarananda.com

How long have you been teaching?

I started teaching yoga in 2005 – 7 years teaching yoga – also have prior teaching experience in piano, computers and horse back riding for over 10 years

Sunset | Sasha Dae | @sashadae | nosarananda.com

Who has been some of your influential teachers (and why)?

I study and read a lot, so I have quite a few teachers, my most influential teacher is Thich Nhat Hanh, he is the founder of Plum Village International Sangha ~

He is very important to me because he teaches the art of Mindfulness, he has many many talks available online and has written many books, he tirelessly works to help people become aware of how to access meditation on a breath by breath principal and to embrace emotions and care for yourself and others deeply

Another teacher of mine who’s teachings I consider a cornerstone to the foundation of my ‘house of yoga’ is Yogacharini Maitreyi of Arkaya.net ~ a system of teaching that is considered a long lost cousin of Ashtanga yoga.

Her influence on my practice was refinement of my subtle body, more internal awareness and releasing habitual patterns that no longer served me. I attribute my super flexibility to the elegant and effective practice of jathis…

Waterfall | Sasha Dae | @sashadae | nosarananda.com

What made you commit to yoga?

My commitment to yoga came about as a re-commitment, I came back intensely to a self-directed practice in my early twenties after a spiritual god realization in a sacred waterfall, called Mala Noche, in Nosara, Costa Rica… this experience gave me past life memories, a huge information download lasting several days and a two year zing that I can only describe as a ‘perma-high’ – which empowered me to make some drastic changes in my life as well as the energy and direction to open a yoga studio and make yoga and healing a premier focus in my life. I opened and operated Ananda Yoga, by my own design from the ground up and dedicated to those who were new to yoga, it was the first yoga studio in Coquitlam, a suburb of Vancouver.

Swinging | Sasha Dae | @sashadae | nosarananda.com

What you are doing now?

After a few years teaching fifteen to twenty classes per week, carrying the whole show, the budget and micromanaging everything, I fried my nervous system and was just burnt out, realizing I took on more than I could handle alone and really not wanting to be in the cold north anymore, I made a move for the jungles and beaches of Costa Rica. Now, I am living the dream in tropical paradise, offering Yoga Teacher Training’s and Retreats based on healing modalities.

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