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Raye Lynn Rath | Educated Yoga Teacher | The Yoga Institute

Raye Lynn Rath is an educated yoga teacher at both The Yoga Institute and

the Sacred Art Yoga, co-founded with her friend Becky Jordan.

Raye Lynn Rath is the owner and director of The Yoga Institute (www.yogainstitute.com) with two studios in Houston and in Nassau Bay, Texas. She is also co-founder of Sacred Art Yoga with Becky Jordan. Together, they offer Teacher Trainings at the 200 and 500 hour levels, with Advanced Studies, Workshops and Retreats.

For Raye Lynn, spiritual inquiry and meditation began at about the age of 7, which eventually led her to the practice of yoga in the early 1970’s and has been teaching public and private classes since 1993. Raye Lynn received her first certification at The Yoga Institute in 1993, her Anusara Yoga Teacher Certification in 2001 and has dedicated and committed her life’s work to learning, sharing, mentoring and teaching yoga. Throughout the years, Raye Lynn has lead, facilitated and assisted at many workshops, conferences, retreats, and teacher trainings throughout the country.

In her teaching, Raye Lynn works with students to connect to their source – the greatness of their own heart and being.  Her classes are insightful, inspiring, empowering, sweet, strong and playful.  Her precise teaching style combines knowledge and discernment, the openness of inquiry, and the affirmation and celebration of life.


Raye Lynn Rath | Educated Yoga Teacher | The Yoga Institute