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The events that occurred during Tailhook, in 1991, prompted Paula C. Puopolo (Paula Coughlin) to become the first woman to stand up in a court against the US Government and successfully changed the way that women are treated in the military.  Paula is one of the bravest women I have ever met. We met each other at a pivotal time in both our lives and I can say I am a better person today for having met her.  My interview with her was the first interview she had given in a decade. 

Paula C Puopolo | Tailhook 1991

Ocean Yoga – Surpassing Expectations

Friends Brian Castellani & Paula Puapolo | Yoganomics

From a 1991 assault to becoming a yoga studio owner, Paula C Puopolo is an inspiration to yoga


Paula C. Puopolo Anusara
Yoga Teacher & Ocean Yoga Studio Owner

About Paula C. Puopolo:

Naval Officer, pilot Paula Coughlin, was assaulted at the 1991 Naval Tailhook Conference. The events that occurred prompted Paula to become one of the first women to stand up in a court of law against the US Government and successfully changed the way that women are treated in the military.

This Yoga Biography is mostly about surpassing the inevitable chaos that life will bring and how yoga can help people heal from the ordeals.

Paula’s story is in-part about legal proceedings that help change the US Military, but mostly about how she came to accept her past through the practice of yoga.

The outcome of the “Tailhook Scandal” was the catalyst for changing how women were being treated in todays Military.

Today Paula is the owner of Ocean Yoga in Jacksonville, Florida, and teach’s Anusara Yoga.

This is story is about surpassing the inevitable trials of living through the practice and devotion of yoga.

Special Thanks to Paula C. Puopolo for her bravery and strength in telling her story, and also to the unbelievable melodic grace of Michael Masley

Without Paula, this story of hope and survival would never have been told, and without the generosity of Michael this story may have never been finished.

We are in our second year of business and grateful for what we have been given.


Brian Castellani

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