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Partner yoga after 65: A list of dos and don’ts

Christa loves yoga, working out, reading fiction, and is a regular
contributor for seniordating.org

The wonderful practice of yoga is incredible and the benefits are physical, emotional, and therapeutic for living a healthy lifestyle.  Many seniors benefit from living balanced through the exercise of yoga and it can be more fun when it is with a partner.

Golden Age

Practicing yoga with a partner when you’re 65 or older can be a great way to exercise, life affirming and engaging. Yoga helps with blood circulation and flexibility, which can help with your mental attitude.  If a senior has problems with balance or with a certain side of their body, yoga can be modified with a chair or even sitting down.  Yoga can help those who cannot actively exercise!

Class-based partner yoga is a way for safe interaction with another person and can be experienced on any level.    This makes it more enjoyable and interactive for people of any age.

Keep In Mind:

  • Nurture 

If you have a partner, yoga is a practice where you are able to create and nurture the relationship as a couple, since you are both surrounded by a subtle and balanced environment.

With your partner, you can consciously modify and develop appropriate positions and postures which you both can help you in your daily life.

  • Nature

Yoga helps people focuses on their breathing and meditation. It’s a healthy way to relax and support nourishment with yourself.  Take the time to be patient and develop your practice.  Gentle yoga postures, when practiced correctly, can help to restore flexibility and endurance, which are two key elements that are often times lost with age.   Yoga does not always require a partner to participate, however – it can be engaging and a perfect place to interact with people.

  • Practice

Practicing yoga with a partner after the 65 simply returns the desire to live fully, because you manage to experience the good vibes around you, and as your body assimilates slowly every movement, every breath, and every lift you do, who knows, your partner may become surprised with your skills.

Practice yoga gently for your specific physical condition.  Yoga can help you relieve stress, sometimes lower back issues, help the rotation of specific joints and help some people with breathing issues.

But – you must not be uncomfortable and should stop if you feel you need to take a personal moment, and in some cases you may want to consult with a doctor before you begin practice.

Possible Concerns can be as easy as being aware of your body’s ‘range of motion,’ or issues with balance, and maintain awareness around poses that  are tough for you.

Try to modify the harder yoga poses, or use a chair, when necessary.

Yoga is fun and meant to connect your body and mind, but can result in injuries if you are not careful.  Let the teacher know beforehand if you have any pre-existing conditions that might affect you.

Yoga is not competitive and is about being comfortable with where you are at.  Be light, open your heart and maybe you will even make some new friends!

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