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"The Natural Progression" of Yoga Teaching for Melissa Nordin's 'YogaBreezes'

“The Natural Progression”

of Yoga Teaching for Melissa Nordin’s ‘YogaBreezes’

Tampa, Florida Melissa Nordin Yoga Teacher YogaBreezes

What was it that drew you to yoga?

Yoga was a natural progression from my days in tribal dance and running. I started yoga as a way to strengthen the tendons and ligaments around the joints to help me become a more efficient runner and dancer. Hypermobility like mine leaves one with battered joints, postural problems, and slack tendons. Gliding in and out of yoga postures made me feel like I was invincible and could fly if only for 75 minutes and if only just on my mat. I kept coming back because I wanted to learn more, do more, challenge myself…  Currently, I have been teaching for almost four years! 

Melissa Nordin "Natural Progression" YogaBreezes

Who has been some of your influential teachers (and why)?

My best friend Kathleen Ran has been my teacher, mentor, confidant, and spirit sister. She and I bounce ideas off each other, structure workshops, talk about modifying postures, and then just laugh. She is so helpful in suggestions. I value her opinions and she shares her knowledge freely. We can all learn so much from each other if we just listen.

Melissa Nordin "Natural Progression" YogaBreezes

What made you commit to yoga?

I have always worked with special populations in both professionally and philanthropically all my life. I see yoga as a viable means to recreational therapy for those with limited mobility, disease, illness, depression, or pain. What keeps me committed to this is hearing their testimonies about how restorative and gentle yoga has saved them from sadness and immobility.

Melissa Nordin // Yoga Festival // www.YogaBreezes.com

How are implementing elements of yoga into your life?

Currently, I wear many hats. I developed the exercise portion of a federally funded grant aimed at working with obese pregnant moms, I teach Yoga for every BODY at various locations in the Tampa Bay area, I have a successful corporate yoga and wellness program locally, and I volunteer at the VA teaching chair yoga to the pain management program. I’m always looking to add a class or two!

Melissa Nordin Yoga Breezes

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