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LONGEVITY: Simple Secrets to Optimum Wellness

We all want to live long, happy, meaningful, healthy lives. Genes may indeed have a role in the likelihood of living a long life, but we all know it’s the everyday lifestyle choices that will ultimately determine the quality and length of our lives. Most of us are pretty savvy and know the standard American diet just can’t support the kind of health and vibrancy we are looking for.  So we have changed our diets to include more fresh, organic produce, eliminating saturated animal fats, sugar, chemicals, etc. However, even if we are eating the best diet in the world, we could still be robbing our body of desperately needed nutrients.It starts with our soils. Our food is only as nutrient rich as our soils, which have been over farmed and depleted over the past 50 years by huge corporate farming techniques. Our foods are a mere shadow of the spinach of Popeye’s day. Some studies say many of the nutrients are missing. Modern tomatoes prove the taste is absolutely missing. Food has sadly become entertainment with very little real taste or nourishment. Processed, denatured, chemically grown, hybridized, genetically altered, irradiated, less than just picked fresh food will have the same careless, unnatural effects on our cells. Immune systems become compromised as well as attitudes and outlooks. Our systems only run as good as the fuel we put in them. Degenerative disease is on the rise. We don’t catch degenerative disease; we earn it with each bite we take.
Pick up any magazine and you will find a plethora of diets, fads, does and don’ts. Yoga advocates a vegetarian diet. Over the past 30 years, this is what I have found that works best for me, RAW AND VEGAN –

  1. Cut out meat. It’s loaded with chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones and all sorts of junk. The meat itself is hard to and long to digest, (who chews their food 40 times?) staying in your bowels for many, many hours, putrefying and causing havoc. It’s expensive, risky (rots) and is hard on the environment to produce. You won’t miss it and you’ll live much longer. OmCut out dairy. Unless you are buying organic, dairy is filled with the same garbage as meat. It’s hard to digest, gunks up the system and is really fattening. I know, cheese tastes good, but it’s time to give it up!
  2. GO RAW. Raw food is alive. You will digest your food easier, get more energy from it and will feel light and bright. Humans are the only creatures on the planet to cook their food… get back to the way nature intended and leave the stove behind.
  3. Eat low on the food chain. Eat simple and bright. Chemicals and toxins “bio-accumulate” in plants and animals. The higher up the food chain you go, the more toxic it becomes. Tuna fish has all the toxins found in the other fish it eats and the toxins from fish and plants those bate fish eat..and on and on.
  4. Ingest Blue-Green Algae. Here’s why! It’s a miracle! Blue Green Algae is the most ancient plant on the planet! Algae is the first thing to discover photosynthesis. It took sunlight and water and created chlorophyll and oxygen!! And that’s just what it does in your body!! Chlorophyll is a potent blood cleanser and oxygen keeps the cells vibrant. Algae practically bypasses digestion. It is 98% absorbed by our bodies like a thirsty sponge. Blue-green algae has ALL the minerals and micronutrients we need to live vibrant lives… as well as being 60% protein! It is the bottom of the food chain and supports all life.

Studies have proven T cells increase by 40% within 2 hours of ingesting 1 gram of algae. That’s amazing! This must be why I NEVER get sick!
I have been ingesting blue green algae for over 20 years. I’ve tried every brand and have become committed to Cell Tech of Klamath Lake, OR. Their whole product line is of the highest quality and blows the competition away. They also send algae around the world to malnourished kids and are making a big difference in these children’s lives. I like their honesty and commitment to making a difference. Please go to their website www.simplexityhealth.com and check it out. “Go to “online store” and use my ID # 1072597 and password (energy)… have the items shipped to your home. You will pay wholesale prices. Order some to try for yourself. I suggest alpha sun 120, omega sun 120 and acidophilus.SUPER BLUE GREEN Algae is super food for the new millenium ”

Return home from Honduras lighter, brighter, leaner, cleaner, clearer, healthier, stronger and more enthused!

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