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JAIPUR, INDIA: India Muslim Law Board strongly objects to Rajasthan government’s move making Surya Namaskar / Yoga compulsory in schools.

JAIPUR: All India Muslim Personal Law Board today strongly objected to Rajasthan government’s move to make Surya Namaskar and Yoga compulsory in schools and demanded its withdrawal from the government.”This is anti-Islam and the government should immediately withdraw the decision. Islam does not permit for such practice.

This is absolutely wrong to impose such things on Muslims,” Board’ assistant general secretary Abdul Rahim Qureshi said at a press conference after the board’s 24th meeting here.

“Internal stability is necessary for the peace and development in the country and the governments, both Central and states, should work in this direction instead of announcing such decision which affects our religious freedom,” he said.

Qureshi said that the government should not try to include chapters of “a religion’s book” in school syllabus.  “The government should develop a sense of confidence among the people of the minority communities that they can practice their religion without any problem but it is seen that Hindutva forces are carrying out their agenda against minorities after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister,” Qureshi said.

When asked what he has to say about the hate-speeches of Hyderabad MP Akbaruddin Owaisi, he while protecting him said,  “I do not see anything provocative in his speeches.  “The board asked Muslims not to accept any polytheism activity in government schools and raise a voice.

The declaration also alleged that communal forces wanted Muslim youths to break laws so that they can get a chance to isolate the community and justify atrocities against them. The board in the declaration asked the people to not break law. The board also admitted that Muslims themselves were responsible for not presenting the right picture of Islam before the world.


My View: 

Today yoga is actively being practiced in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Quatar – by both Muslims and Non-Muslims.  

It is incorrect statement to say that “it is ‘Anti-Islam’ to practice yoga,” however I support yoga as an elective choice for anyone. 

– Brian Castellani




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