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“Yoga Teaches Us How to Grow”

– Larry Schultz

Originally Posted: Mar 5, 2011

Yoganomics | Luke Larry & Larry Schultz - It's Yoga


I have a theory, if you do yoga everyday – you get stronger and smarter, if you don’t do yoga – you get weaker and dumber…. I do yoga to become a spiritual being.

– Larry Schultz, owner – It’s Yoga


Larry Schultz | It's Yoga |Ashtanga

I first met Larry at his studio “It’s Yoga,” in 2008, while I was still with Yoga Journal.  We spoke briefly, exchanging stories about corporate yoga and he didn’t want to advertise in the Yoga Journal Directory at the time, and we left it at that.  Later, when I was discussing it with Yoga Teacher Jennifer Rodrigue, an Editor of Yoga Journal, who took her first Teacher Training with Larry Schultz at It’s Yoga.

Larry Schultz | It's Yoga |Ashtanga

Later in 2009, I saw him at the Business of Yoga Conference at the 2009 Yoga Journal – where Larry and Jeff Renfro, founder of Funky Door Yoga, led a great business workshop (produced and paid for by MindBody Online).  They had the most interesting things to say about the yoga industry.  In 2010, due to a lease discrepancy, Larry was forced to shut the San Francisco “Its Yoga” location and continue his Teacher Training at outside locations.

The following is my way of Saying goodbye to a man who was fortunate enough to tour and teach yoga to one of the most influential bands in American History.

Larry Schultz - It's Yoga

History: The Grateful Dead.  He was world renown and will not be forgotten.  Goodbye Larry.

YogaPeeps Jul 16, 2006 – Episode 18

by Lara Hedin

Interview with Yoga Peeps founder Lara Cestone and Yoga Instructor, and Founder of It’s Yoga, Larry Schultz of San Francisco, California. Larry teaches yoga at It’s Yoga SF, and at It’s Yogas throughout the world. Larry can be found at www.itsyoga.net. In this episode, Lara and Larry talk about It’s Yoga, yoga as a life practice, his influences, teacher training, and advice for beginners.



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Larry Schultz embodied fun and focus – two of the traits I aspire to most. His relaxed way of life, helped to teach me to release all my striving, enjoy and simply do my practice.

During our Teacher Training, we had to observe a teacher, I would always observe him. He could teach a Rocket  class of 50 people, with his hands behind his back. He would make us laugh, push us past our percieved limits, and just as we were about to give up to our own exhaustion, or our ego, he would throw in a “What do you want? Why are you here? What do you want?”
Questions perfectly timed, as the ego’s defenses were down, and the heart was able to hear the soul’s voice.
Not only was he an innovator with the courage to create the mind blowing, body expanding Rocket, “because it gets you there faster”, he also had the sweet gentleness, of a good friend, teacher.
I will forever be grateful for the time I spent learning from him. He gave me the courage to listen to my own heart, honor my uniqueness and most importantly, have fun!
Live on Larry!
In freedom,




“Perfection doesn’t exist” – Larry Schultz

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Larry Schultz is a Jewish American, born in Delaware, USA on November 14, 1950. Schultz is primarily recognized as the creator of Rocket Yoga, aka The Rocket. After returning to the USA he created Rocket Yoga, which is a modified Ashtanga regime that is today the foundation for Power yoga. David Life, creator of Jivamukti Yoga recognizes Schultz as the creator of Power yoga.[1] Schultz is also known as a yoga teacher to celebrities, such as Christie Turlington and the Grateful Dead. Schultz traveled on tour with the Grateful Dead and Phil Lesh, said: “I think both yoga and the new soundspace had a real effect on the music this tour.”


History: Larry moved extensively between Europe, India and the United States in his 20’s and 30’s with the intent to understand a novel practice and enrich his own ability to bring Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga to his community in the US. Upon returning to the USA from India, Schultz opened one of the earliest yoga studios in San Francisco in 1989 and is contributed for building the large Power Yoga yogi community existing in the San Francisco area today. (There are over 350 yoga studios as of end year 2009.).

In the 1970s – 80s, Schutlz began teaching yoga to professionals in the San Francisco area. As a result, he was the a part of the beginning of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in the San Francisco bay area. (He has been accredited for starting the Power Yoga phenomenon in this region.[6]) Also during this time, Schultz created ‘The Rocket’, (Rocket Yoga), yoga series to rocket launch the yoga practice of his private students.

Larry Schultz | It's Yoga | Ashtanga Yoga | Rocket Series

Larry Schultz | It’s Yoga | Ashtanga

In 1989, Schultz opened his first yoga studio, It’s Yoga. Since then, Schultz created one of the first yoga teacher’s training programs and has taught over 2000 yogis the means for teaching their own practice, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, aka Power Yoga, and ‘The Rocket’ Rocket Yoga.

Larry Shultz’s further contribution includes his book & DVD series, Ashtanga Out of the Box, first published in 1998. An instructive Rocket Vinyasa Yoga video was created with David Kyle in 2003. In 2006 Schultz wrote, “Ashtanga Yoga As Taught by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois.”

Shultz continues to teach at It’s Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Studios throughout the US and internationally. His main focus and love is his own practice, teaching The Rocket, and teaching teachers. Today It’s Yoga branded yoga studios can be found in: Mexico, USA, Thailand, Sweden, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, & Italy.  WIKI

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