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Hand-drawn Yoganomics Cartography Illustration

Adrienne Ottenberg Hartman drew a Cartography Illustration for Yoganomics in 2010. Adrienne lives in NYC, NY.

Adrienne Ottenberg Hartman | Hand Drawn Yoganomics Logo

Adrienne Ottenberg Hartman “hand draws” Yoganomics Logo Cartography, Illustration, from NYC, NY

There are very few times that strangers go out of their way for others.  In 2010, Adrienne Ottenberg Hartman drew a magnificent drawing for Yoganomics.


Cartography the science or practice of drawing maps.  Adrienne Ottenberg Hartman is a cartographer located in New York City, New York.  She hand-drew a logo for Yoganomics in the form of Cartography as a favor to Brian Castellani in 2010.  Adrienne Ottenberg Hartman, Cartography, Yoganomics Cartography



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