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“With the winter we’re having, global warming must be solved!”

I’ve heard variations of this sentence over the past few months and nothing gets me more fired up. The polar ice caps are still melting at a rapid rate and with less sea ice forming each year, weather patterns are changing. Normally, arctic air would stay in the arctic, but now it’s pushing south, causing brutally cold temperatures and crippling winter storms throughout the United States.

Although the scientific evidence to back the above statement is available to one and all via various sources, I’ve noticed less and less use of the term “global warming” and more whisperings of “climate change.” I imagine more people can get behind the fact that the climate is changing.

Many factors influence the climate and trying to understand them all is a daunting task. For Gavin Schmidt, they’re an opportunity. Check out his four animated models, designed to help explain climate change.

Just What Is Going On With This Climate Of Ours?


Source: ideas.ted.com

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