Celebrate Womanhood – Jun 24-25 in Ojai

Embrace and celebrate your femininity as a woman in Ojai, California with re-known Yoga Teacher and authentic Bollywood instructor Hemalayaa, on June 24 and 25th.

Hemalayaa Celebrate Womanhood Jun 24-25 Ojai

Hemalayaa Celebrate Womanhood Jun 24-25 Ojai

Yoga is a way of healing the body, mind and spirit. It is a way of bringing balance into our daily lives. By aligning oneself with our “Highest Truth”, we can open up the natural pathway of healing. The healing that one can experience with the practice of yoga comes from a development of our true-selves (souls). With the practice of yoga, the heart becomes free to open, radiating with a burst of new energy. The light that lives and emanates from the heart is our “True-Self”, the soul.

Most people in the West identify yoga with physical postures (asana). While asana practice can lead you through a solid doorway into the vast lifestyles of yoga, it doesn’t embody the complete practice. Through the practice of yoga, or union with the divine through meditation and mantra, you will manifest a connection with more spiritual practices.

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