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Ashley Halley | Yoga Teacher

Ashley Halley is a yoga teacher in Tampa, Florida at .

I have a background in dance, movement, boxing, kickboxing,Ashley-Halley-Shiva-Rea actively running, and my practice of yoga for 12 years.  I have always practiced the freedom of ecstatic dance, right out of the womb…ha-ha.  My first debut was in 1976 with the group Up With People in San Clemente, CA where I was raised as a child.  My father looked away for a second and the next thing he knew I was on the stage in the parade dancing.  This Shakti has always been dancing within my spirit.

If I had to choose one area of strength, I would select Prana Flow vinyasa with Shiva Rea. I have a strong athletic body and high endurance that allows me to have the ability to hold poses with flow. I practice embodiment of the asana’s through continuous movement whether it is with a body vinyasa, rhythmic vinyasa, or a simple pulsation that emanates from my core to the rest of my body.  Building inner strength to outer grace, I practice the dual actions of Shiva/Shakti or masculine/feminine aspects of movement through vinyasa.

As a yoga teacher, it is my tool to unravel the layers society places on us and expose the rasa lila within all of us.




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