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2011 Texas Yoga Conference

“Preregister Now For The Texas Yoga Conference!”

Registrations are being accepted now for the 2011 Texas Yoga Conference! Please help us avoid long lines at check-in by pre-registering. Remember to bring your voucher/receipt to the conference as proof of your registration!

We at the Texas Yoga Conference feel that our inaugural conference this past February was a huge success, and we appreciate the part many of you played in making it so! It’s exciting and inspiring to witness the magic that happens when businesses with like-mindedness and teachers with such diverse lineages and unique approaches come together to share their love of yoga! And it’s just as exciting and inspiring to see how things are falling into place for the 2011 Texas Yoga Conference, which will be held February 25 – 27, 2011, at the lovely University of St. Thomas – Jerabeck Athletic Center – in Houston, Texas.

We have such exciting news to share with you! We recently booked MC Yogi in 2011 with Sean Johnson opening on Saturday, February 26, 2010. We also have a first annual Bhakti Bash planned that weekend to be led by Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band. We also have Duncan Wong, Sadie Nardini in the line-up and of course all of our fabulous Texas talent! To promote the talent and spirit of Texas is our mission.

The 2011 Texas Yoga Conference is shaping up to be even bigger and better than the first, and we hope you can share in that growth as we continue to unite the Texas yoga community and spread the bliss of yoga! We ask that you please help us this year market our event by mentioning us in your newsletters, on Facebook and other marketing avenues that you may use.

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