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@YogaTrail Improves the World’s Yoga Network.

Ever been frustrated by having to pull up a ton of different yoga providers’ websites and Facebook pages just to find your next yoga class? I know I have. YogaTrail, an up and coming company led by husband and wife team Alex Klein and Alex Jaton, wants to help ease that pain.

Earlier this year, YogaTrail launched Class Guru, the world’s first yogi-powered calendar. The feature lets yogis follow their favorite teachers and studios and get their schedules in one central location. It makes planning your yoga practice a breeze. However, at this point, the tool is only available on, which means that planning your yoga practice is still best accomplished from a computer. YogaTrail wants to make the entire process available via mobile app and is asking the yoga community for help to make that happen.

On May 20th, they launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and are giving away some killer perks in exchange for contributions. They range from small (good karma for $5) to large (a teacher training program for $2,000), meaning there is an option available for everybody.

YogaTrail chose to go the crowdfunding route in order to keep the site free for yogis and yoga providers all around the world. Mobile apps and websites don’t run for free (there are staff, servers and more to pay for), but YogaTrail firmly believes that all yogis and yoga providers should have access to its resources without having to pay or be attacked by ads. The small team (only 7 people!) is working round the clock to keep YogaTrail going and any money that exceeds the cost of developing the app will go towards making the site better.

We have big plans for YogaTrail — but we’re also determined to keep the platform free. We’d rather not plaster the website with ads from clothing companies or other corporates, so we’re turning to the crowd. It also seems to us as though the crowdfunding route is the best way to collaborate with our users and with the yoga community!

  • Many yoga students dream of becoming yoga teachers
  • Teacher training programs are expensive; some of the people who would make the best teachers can’t afford to follow their dream
  • YogaTrail, the World’s Yoga Network, is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and giving students the chance to earn their teacher training for free

Here is their crowdfunding IndieGoGo Campaign!

Yoga Trail | Indie GoGo | Yoganomics

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