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Wasteful Spending and Transparency


Wasteful Spending and Transparency

There is a new way to conduct business in the American Economy that leaves zero room for deceptive business practices.

Yoga is in dire need of change from within. With all the changes happening in the United States, as yogis we need to question where we are going and where we want to be in the next 10 years.

The questions to ask yourself is:

  1. Does the current yoga credentialing actually serve me as a teacher?
  2. If the Certification is not legitimately checked, why then is it valid when anyone can pay money to become a YA Certified 200/500 Hour Yoga Teacher?
  3. If the certification only benefits the topical insecurity of yoga corporations and does not really address the actual fundamental concerns of yoga clients, then what is the real point of having Yoga Alliance.
  4. Did Yoga Alliance pre-emptively called local state governments encouraging them to ADOPT the benign 200/500 hour yoga teacher training credentialing, as it states on their FACEBOOK Statement?  READ THE YOGA ALLIANCE STATEMENT HERE

Without the knowledge of where yoga is going… without complete transparency and accountability for where practitioners are looking to accomplish, or what practitioners are being charged, we – meaning all of us – are willingly spinning our wheels on a corporate hamster wheel of pseudo spiritual beauty bar marketing.

Yoga should know:

  • What the achievements are once 200/500 hour credentialing are achieved?
  • How the achievement of 200/500 hour credentialing will affect each yoga teacher on a monetary basis.
  • What the plans for Yoga Alliance are?
  • Whether they are going to become a trade organization, and again… what that means in incremental accomplishments.

Unless Yoga Alliance agrees to stop the smoke screens diverting attention away from their overtly negative corporate alliances and cease worthless yoga teacher credentialing, then they are again putting the cart before the horse and trying to be something they are not: Legitimate.

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