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Tom Lescher | Mantra & Astrology Forecast for October 24, 2012

Tom Lescher | Astrology Forecast for October 24, 2012 | Yoganomics

Tom Lescher | Astrology Forecast for October 24, 2012


As I seek new answers to age old questions,
Brought to my attention through painful confrontations,
I open the door to new perceptions,
And let go of childish modes of expression.


That’s the mantra for this week’s full Moon coming up on Monday in Taurus/Scorpio!   We need each other to show us our unconscious stuff… ain’t always easy but can result in orgasmic union…. growing tighter, closer, and sweeter. May you grow wiser and deeper through your relationship work (even if you need classes or a counselor!).

Speaking of classes, Jessica and I are heading down to Brazil (I for a month) to take some lessons directly from Gaia and her plant kingdom (particularly Lilith!).  As they only have dial-up internet, I will do my best to post what I can and wish you the best of luck listening in to the stars for your own direct transmissions in the meantime!

I also hope that this Mars/Jupiter opposition lights the fire under you to get up and get out of town, into the country and maybe out of your country!  I’m excited to be offering some new material in different locations so I can get to meet more and more folks from all over….. If you can make, it let’s get together and star gaze!….. aloha for now….. tom


Click the image below to watch the Pele Report on YouTube.

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